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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Marcelo Romero, I’m Brazilian, 34 years old. I like to make digital and analog abstract compositions, playing with textures and shape.

Current city: São Paulo, Brazil

How did you make these? I usually create my compositions with paper and acrylic paint, experimenting with abstract gestures on a large sheet, and then fragmenting it by forming some elements. I try to create a balance between colors, textures and shapes. It’s like a puzzle–at the beginning I don’t know what the final work will be. I just let myself go until I find the perfect balance that convinces me.

Why did you make these? It’s important for me to work with what I like to feel fulfilled as a person. You can do what you like, transform it into products, bring joy to people and make money from it. I really enjoy all the steps of the creative process. The path between nothing and a finished work is a difficult but very pleasurable adventure. You push yourself to your limit and are always trying to evolve.

What do people typically say about your work? That there’s a bold, positive use of colors and shapes.

Social: @mar.celo.romero



"eat better"


"feels like summer"



"space garden"

"have a fun day"

"easy flow"

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