The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and Venus is in Scorpio which means it’s already time to start thinking about what gifts to give your bffs this year.

You could go the traditional route and just give her some cash or a candle (lame) OR you could get out your crystals, dust off your aura and channel your inner astrologist. Here, curator Gaby Cetrulo put together a collection for each of the zodiac signs to help you shop for all of the Scorpios, Leos and Libras in your life this holiday season.

For the ARIES

Random Ram by Alexandra Calin

This a sign of pioneers and self-starters who tend to venture out more than dwell at home. They are outgoing and like to take the lead both socially and professionally.

An inviting workspace is key for this sign. They should surround themselves with motivational messages to keep them inspired and bold designs (preferably, in vibrant red tones!) will enhance their already remarkable passion and energy. Just try to keep things simple because they’re rarely at home and only have so much time for decluttering.

Crimson Cowgirl Wall Tapestry

by Sophie Schultz


Go For It Tote Bag



Get Shit Done iPhone Case

by The Motivated Type


Pantyline Canvas Print

by Patricia Thomasson


The Song Of The Bulls by Pedro Takahasi

Taurus is possibly the most down-to-earth sign of the zodiac, as it’s the most connected to nature, the material world, and physical sensations.

Objects that stimulate the senses, like natural fibers and scented candles, will keep these beasts happy. They enjoy entertaining so an environment that is both cozy and stylish is ideal. They should fill their homes with organic shapes and neutral hues. And natural objects, like crystals and plant life, will keep these creatures grounded and centered. Green tones also reinforce their connection with nature. Just try to keep your habit of overspending in check!

Scandinavian Plant Rug

by Chotnelle


Hey Art Print

by Mr. Babies


Mudcloth Floor Pillow

by Monoo


Flowers Throw Pillow

by Elizabeth Graeber


Stars by Stephanie D'Angelis

This quick-witted and intellectually curious sign is always searching for their other half (or twin) in new friends, partners, and mentors. Luckily for them, they’re inherent charm attracts new relationships wherever they go.

The tastes of dynamic and curious Gemini are perpetually in flux, so their surroundings tend to be eclectic, to say the least. As social creatures, entertaining is often the focus of their homes, so they should create a cozy and inviting space for entertaining. Flirty, playful motifs in vibrant hues will reflect this sign’s lively nature. Yellow tones enhance their focus and intellectual powers. And a simplified color palette will keep your home from looking like a chaotic mess.

Obey Art Print

by Crafty Lemon


Lips iPhone Skin

by KatrinDesign


GRRRL Floor Pillow

by Leemo


ManRepeller x Amber Vittoria Bath Mat

by Amber Vittoria


Cosmo Captainess by Jolene Casko

Cancers are natural homebodies so their surroundings are particularly important. Dreamy and nostalgic, their sentimental nature tends to invite family photos and antiques into their homes.

They are ruled by the moon so feminine soft hues (particularly white and silver) will help soothe the changeable moods of these introverted individuals. And because they frequently live inside their own minds, a cozy and inspiring space to daydream will nurture their rich imaginations. You just have a tendency to accumulate clutter so try to prioritize what you truly need and love.

Snail Mail Stationary Card

by Beetle Ink Co.


Friday Night Wall Tapestry

by Artistic Side Of Life


Gaze On Tote Bag

by Bad Danielle


Naked Lady Art Print

by Mouni Feddag


Swimware by Isabelle Feliu

Leos have larger-than-life personalities and thrive in colorful, stimulating environments that unleash their creative side.

There is no home more inviting than a lion’s den. As queen of the jungle, this sign prefers opulent surroundings with dramatic flair. Bold, exotic prints and lavish accents are just what these regal creatures need to feel at ease. Golden hues strengthen the lion’s natural optimism. They want their homes to be stylish, covetable, and blog-worthy. They also enjoy entertaining and will spare no expense when outfitting their homes for social gatherings. But try to reign in your tendency to overdo…everything.

Terrarium Wall Tapestry

by Beth Hoeckel


Red And Yellow Leggings

by Havocgirl


Black And White Carry-All Pouch

by Monoo


Flower Girl iPhone Skin

by Mouni Feddag


One Way Happiness by Marjanne Mars

As the perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgos are both organized and analytical. So naturally, this sign prefers a neat and tidy environment.

Keeping things simple is key for these creatures! As staunch perfectionists, their attention to small details is unparalleled. But in their quest for perfection, they are constantly rearranging and redecorating. Despite this constant evolution, they should aim to maintain a quiet, zen-like atmosphere. A neutral palette appeals to Virgo and earthy browns will help keep this sign focused and grounded.

Bookshelf Pretties Art Print

by Messy Heart Studio


Dash Blush Rectangular Pillow

by Almostmakesperfect


Breasts In Cream Carry-All Pouch

by Amanda Laurel Atkins


The Doooooots Wall Clock

by Makeroom


Perennial by Beth Hoeckel

Ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Libra has a deep appreciation for all things feminine and lovely.

Their homes are generally comprised of pastels, floral prints, and sweet details. Soft pinks will enhance their loving energy and blues will promote clarity. They will sometimes go overboard with a particular aesthetic in mind, so it’s important that they maintain balance by strategically mixing colors and patterns. As lovers of fashion, spacious closets are often of great importance to them. And as social beings, they love hosting elaborate dinner parties and will often splurge on antique dinnerware and table settings. They should also consider investing in sleeper sofa as they never get too old for slumber parties!

Vintage Garden Shower Curtain

by Wheimay


Roses Throw Pillow

by Tallulah Fontaine


Red Flower Mug

by Landon Sheely


Be Yourself Canvas Print

by Subliming


Pistillate by Christo Makatita

Scorpios are mysterious creatures with a passionate nature and a love of romance.

Their home is a private retreat, where they can reflect and recharge. This sign is both intense and romantic, so dark colors and romantic, old-world details tend to dominate their homes. Black accents will help these solitary souls focus on introspection and personal transformation. Investing in silk sheets, candles, and gilded accents will create the moody, dramatic atmosphere they crave. Because you tend to isolate yourself, try to bring the outside world in with plant life and photos of the people you love.

Black Night Stationary Card

by Justine Lecouffe


Vertical Garden IV Laptop Sleeve

by Desirée Feldmann


Scorpio Constellation Art Print

by NeverMindArt


Linocut Floral Rectangular Pillow

by Monoo


Vivietta Resort by Isabelle Feliu

Sagittarians are enthusiastic travellers on both a physical and philosophical journey.

Sagittarians think of home as a place to sleep and not much else. They want to get outside and explore new places. As natural-born adventurers, they like to fill their homes with reminders of their travels. And their love of exotic motifs reflects their wanderlust and bohemian flair. Colors like orange and purple will keep these creatures feeling positive and open. Surrounding themselves with plant life will nurture their love of the outdoors and injecting their space with exotic prints, like kilim and ikat, will help inspire future adventures. Just avoid investing in pricey items because you’ll rarely be home to enjoy them and you throw way too many parties to keep things looking like new.

Kilim Rug

by CatyArte


Adventure Throw Pillow



Tribal Kilim Floor Pillow

by Casey Lorelle


Palms Pattern Backpack

by Nileshkikuuchise


Themes Of Colour by Rhed Fawell

This sign is responsible, serious, and focused on climbing their way to success. They’re capable leaders and love being in charge.

Practical Capricorn prefers a classic look that will stand the test of time. These goats love tradition and gravitate to antiques and industrial materials. And because succeeding in their careers is of the utmost importance, they should invest in motivational artwork, organizational tools, and stationery. Neutral tones, especially browns and greys, will enhance this sign’s solidity and help them stay on course. Just keep your habit of stockpiling tech accessories to a minimum unless you want the place looking like a Radio Shack.

Dotted Grid Carry-All Pouch

by Project M


Untitled Wall Tapestry

by Chad Wys


The Kiss Notebook

by SarahKey


Work Smart Art Print

by Marco Oggian


Pageant Content by Fajar P. Domingo

Aquarians are both cerebral and focused on the future. They’re often shy creatures but possess lots of energy and progressive ideas.

They adore bright, vibrant colors and want their homes to be unique, and perhaps, a little unusual – just like they are. This sign often has bold taste and isn’t afraid to experiment, which often makes for a surreal and eclectic atmosphere that gets their friends talking. Filling their homes with avant garde or dreamlike artwork will satisfy their eccentric aesthetic appetites. Silver and shades of blue will calm their restlessness and provide balance.

Sharon Mix 9 Throw Pillow

by Marko Köppe


The Stars Have Aligned Art Print

by Beetle Ink Co.


The Big Brother Art Print

by Alba Blázquez


Stay Focused Rectangular Pillow

by Makereoom


On The Moon by Mariano Peccinetti

Pisceans are the dreamers of the zodiac. They’re idealistic, empathetic, and sometimes get lost in their own imaginations.

This starry-eyes sign requires a zen retreat where they can meditate and relax. Because their tastes are dictated by their ever-changing moods, each room in their home will often vary in tone. However, natural materials, cool hues (particularly sea green), and soft details should remain consistent throughout in order to help these individuals remain peaceful and inspired!

A Good Outlook Throw Pillow

by Plum Wild


Nereid VII Shower Curtain

by Stevyn Llewellyn


Eyes Mug

by Monoo


Blue Agate Canvas Print

by Cafelab


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content