In this strange time that they call 2020, a lot of us have had to adjust to working from home.

We see you—you’re out there posting up on the edge of dining room tables, hiding in garages and realizing after eight hours of sitting in a wooden chair that you now have the back of someone three times your age.

But, as it turns out, artists all over the world have been setting up shop in their own spaces all along and (to no one’s surprise) they’ve gotten really good at it. So, to pass along a little interiors inspiration, we did a deep dive through all of our artist interviews and put together a list of our ten favorite artist home studios (presented here in no order!).

1.  Rhianna Marie Chan

Graphic Illustrator  |  Austin, TX

Rhianna’s minimalist, clean space doesn’t sacrifice any fun.


2.  Willian Santiago

Illustrator  |  Londrina, Brazil

We’d find inspiration for days in this plant-filled creative haven.


3.  Carla Llanos

Illustrator  |  Nottingham, UK

Are we putting Carla’s moodboard on our moodboard? Absolutely, yes.


4.  Hanna KL

Artist, Graphic Designer  |  Göteborg, Sweden

Basically, if Polly Pocket grew up to become the coolest girl you’ve ever seen.


5.  Richard Vergez

Collage Artist  |  Miami, FL

Love the structure, shapes and Mondrian-esque color palette of this space.


6.  Juliana Horner

Illustrator  |  New York, NY

Big time feels for the roughed-up vintage vibe of Juliana’s NY creative space.

7.  Camile Chew

Illustrator  |  Providence, RI

The plants! The light! But more importantly, the SPACE ?


8.  Cassidy Marietta

Illustrator  |  Columbus, OH

Practical with a punch—and bonus points for the old school Society6 pennant.


9.  Bianca Green

Artist  |  Berlin, Germany

This color-coordinated gallery wall is straight-up golden.


10.  Megan Galante

Painter, Textile Designer  |  Brooklyn, NY

The play of colors and textures perfectly echos Megan’s sublime style.

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Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content