Art depicts a world or a story unique to the eye of the beholder. Here in our “Keep It 100” series, we ask writers, poets and other wordsmiths to craft 100 words inspired by the work of an artist from the Society6 community. 

Below, “Insomnes Noctes” by Guatemalan photographer Clau Clara is the inspiration behind writer Jenna Dorian’s prose. Specializing in photography and experimental dark art, Clau Clara’s eerie work lays the foundation for a stirring short story.


"Insomnes Noctes" by Clau Clara

“If I Fall Asleep” by Jenna Dorian
Inspired by “Insomnes Noctes” by Clau Clara

If I fall asleep now, I’ll get three hours, I think. But the vignettes from dinner keep ticking by in cool hues. 

How the stiff napkin raised the hairs on my knees. How the roast duck turned in his open mouth. “We gave it a good run, didn’t we?” he said. Beef Bordelaise clumped in my throat as I lied. “Sure. No regrets.”

I pretend Grandmother is sitting on the edge of my bed telling me a story and smelling of vinegared prunes and olive oil. It doesn’t help. Two hours of sleep now. To my left, a ring of red Bordeaux on the nightstand. To my right, an empty side of the closet. My kidneys ache on my back where I stare up at a crushed centipede decomposing on the ceiling.

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