Throw blankets are the perfect addition to any room or piece of furniture. They can be used for extra bedding, as a cozy touch to a reading nook, or to dress up a couch. If you need some inspo on how to put a throw blanket on your couch tastefully, we have you covered!

Skip the unnecessary costs of an interior designer. We’ve rounded up 10 helpful tips on how to style a throw blanket on a couch. From layering to folding and everything in between, these ideas will help you turn your sofa or sectional into a cozy haven you’ll never want to leave.

What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite throw blanket, and let’s dive into the different ways you can style a throw blanket!

1) Hang It Over the Back of the Couch

Hanging a throw blanket over the back of your couch is one of the most popular ways to drape a throw. It’s simple yet chic and allows you to display the throw blanket’s color or pattern in its entirety.

To achieve this look, start by finding the middle of the blanket and draping it over the back center of the couch. Then, make sure that the sides of the blanket are evenly spread out and draped down the backside of the sofa. If you’re working with an oversized throw blanket, you can also tuck in the sides slightly to give it a neat and polished look. To finish it off, adjust the folded blanket until it hangs evenly, and you’re done!

2) Drape It Over One of the Arms

style throw blanket

One of the easiest and most stylish ways to style a throw blanket on your couch is to drape it over one of the arms. This look provides the perfect balance between lived-in and curated style. To create this look, start by laying the blanket across the back of your couch, allowing it to hang down evenly on either side. Then, gather the fabric in your hands and drape it over the arm of your couch intentionally.

You can play around with different folds and pleats to add visual interest. For example, you could drape the blanket so that it covers the entire arm or you could just cover part of the sofa arm and drape the rest of the blanket along the seats of your couch. You can also use a few decorative pillows to prop up the blanket for a layered look.

3) Use It to Cover the Seat of the Couch

If you want to keep your couch clean, consider using your throw blanket as a seat cover. This extra layer will protect your couch from any unfortunate spills or stains and add a fun touch of color, texture, and pattern to a couch.

Lay the throw blanket down over one or all of the seat cushions, ensuring it’s evenly distributed and smoothed out. You can use throw pillows to help hold the throw in place or tuck it into the creases of the seats so it won’t budge. For an added touch of luxury, you can drape a contrasting-colored throw in a different throw blanket size over the back of the couch for a layered effect.

4) Let It Flow Over the Edge of Your Couch

If you want to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in your living space, let your throw blanket casually drape over the front edge of your couch. Simply grab your throw and lay it across the front of your couch wherever you’d like. You can have it flow over the front of the middle cushion or opt for one of the side or corner cushions.

This simple yet stylish draping technique will add texture and warmth to your living space with little effort.

5) Fold It Neatly Over Your Sofa Chaise

If you have a couch with a chaise, you can add some extra style to your living room by folding the throw blanket neatly over the end of the sofa chaise. Start by positioning the blanket over the seating area and then carefully folding it in half so that one side hangs down in front of the seat and the other hangs over the end of the chaise section.

This will give your couch a polished, neat look and provide plenty of warmth for anyone who wants to lay out on the chaise for a nap or movie night. If you want to go all out, consider adding multiple throws and draping them across the sofa chaise in different directions.

6) Bunch It Up With a Pile of Throws

If you’re going for a cozy and inviting look, consider bunching up a throw blanket with a pile of throws. Since this is meant to look more casual, there’s no right or wrong way to do this.

Simply bunch it up and place it on one end of the couch alongside any other throws. You can use different colors, textures, and patterns to give the couch an eclectic and dynamic look. A faux fur throw would work great in this situation! Finish off the look by using small throw pillows or cushions as accents in the pile. This way, you can easily move around or remove pieces from the pile to rearrange the look or easily snag one for some added warmth on a chilly night!

While this styling tip may feel “messy” to others, it’s perfect for anyone who prefers an effortless and realistic vibe versus a perfectly styled living room.

7) Fold It Up Entirely on One of the Seats

style throw blanket

If you’re looking for a tidy and polished look, folding up a throw blanket on one of the seats is an easy way to go. To do this, simply lay the throw blanket evenly over the couch seat. Then take each corner and fold it up towards the center, overlapping the edges in the middle. Tuck in any excess fabric to create a smooth surface.

Set it down on any of the couch cushions to be used when someone wants some extra warmth.

8) Just Toss It Anywhere For a Lived-In Look

Looking for the easiest way to put a throw on a couch without too much effort? Opt for the lived-in look by tossing it anywhere. Just casually throw your throw blanket over the couch in any manner. It doesn’t have to be perfectly draped or arranged; that’s part of the charm.

You can drape it on the seat of the couch, letting one end hang off the edge, and the other sit tucked in. You can also let it fall off the back or arm of the couch, adding a touch of texture and color to your space.

It’s been found that guests may feel more intimidated by a house that’s too clean, so using this styling tip will make your home feel more realistic and welcoming. It will give it a cozy, cuddly feel that’s sure to be appreciated by anyone who comes over.

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