Each week, our curation team has the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around our community.

In this digest, let us do the discovering for you as we highlight new trends and rising artists that have caught our eye.

Fresh Finds

New Artists to Watch

We love welcoming new artists into our Society6 community! Check out their shops and get to know their amazing work.

Elske (UK)

DreamyMindStore (Vancouver, Canada)

Dark Seed Labs (Ontario, Canada)

Kuiper Design (Milton Keynes, UK)

Loferrie (Southeast coast of England)

Balance Art Print by Elske

Chipmunk Fall vibes Art Print by DreamyMindStore

RIP My Motivation Art Print by Dark Seed Labs

Woman in Olive Art Print by Kuiper Design

QCUBEX1 Art Print by Loferrie

Through the Lens

New in Photography

Here’s a group of artists who recently captured our attention. Get inspired by their work—we sure are!


Linnfotografie (The Netherlands)

AnneleenJegers (Belgium)

Double exposed Art Print by ambivalentann

House in the hills Art Print by AnneleenJegers

Traveling with the Camper Art Print Art Print by Linnfotografie


Resting Witch Face

Grab your broomstick, cause this trend is downright witchin! You’ll swoon over these fun and spoooooky pieces, some adorable and others deliciously scary. Cheers to all the covens out there!

Halloween Party at 666 Asmodeus Way Art Print by The Art & Design of Michael J Hildebrand

Getting Familiar Art Print by David Olenick

A Witch Bows To No Man Art Print by Haykal Erlanda

Black Widow Art Print by artbyywill

WITCH Art Print by Mar Stash

Plant Witch Art Print by Resaa.art

Smile! Art Print by Psyca

Love Magic Art Print by Selvagemqt

Witchy illustration no 01. Art Print by Enikő Katalin Eged

Yoga Witch Babe Art Print by Rachel Jo

Color Story


AKA dewy, minty sage—think fields of grasses, wet stone, and foggy windows. It’s a color we love, perfect for every wall in your house or simply as an accent. Here’s a collection of illustrations and photography by artists who love this color as much as we do.

Daylily in Green Art Print by Becky Bailey

Beach Day aqua mint green beach decor Art Print by Olivia Joy St Claire X Modern Photography Contemporary Art Happy Vibes

Cupid Skater Art Print by Babylon Vibes

Autumn pomegranates Art Print by Jenn X Studio

Jasmine Art Print by Gigi Rosado

Just A Sec Art Print by Echo.ys

Enjoy veggie - green Art Print by Bonne nouvelle design

new york, 2021 Art Print by Kevin Moraczewski

Moonbathe Art Print by Tyler Varsell

Lean Into It Art Print by ellymalone

Winter Camping Mountain Forest Illustration Art Print by Aaron Illustration

Color Story

Crimson Is The Coldest Color

This color story is not for the faint of heart. Artists took chances with this rich hue—sometimes spooky, sometimes dreamy. Enjoy this bold and irreverent collection of works that cannot be ignored!

Black bird and poppies Art Print by Guilaine Jeanpierre

Diver Art Print by Lerson Pannawit

Gently come out of dreams Art Print by Andrea Leonelli

Favorite Art Print by Stolen Conversations

Poppy meadows and the hills Art Print by AShenoi

Abstract Checker Pink Blue Art Print by Jodi Feddon

Tangerine. Colored pencils Art Print by Tatiana Voloshyna

Hello? Art Print by Bambee Boo

RED Art Print by belovodchenko

Red Japanese Vintage Umbrellas Art Print by Sinsee Ho