Now’s a good time to get grounded.

Stylist Ana Alic and yoga teacher Lauren Dee show us element-inspired yoga routines that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Check ’em out below! 

There is a full moon in Leo coming up on January 25th and for this cosmic event we have a chakra-opening yoga routine based on the elements! There is no better way to get yourself aligned for the full moon than with the practice of presence with yoga. Getting into a mindful flow helps you ground, be in the present moment and realigns your chakras. Movement with intention allows any stagnant energy to move through you. This month’s full moon energy is all about feeling strong, brave, impulsive and maybe even a little reckless. It is igniting impulse without thought, going with the gut, which sometimes can result in making some quick decisions. To help you ground that energy and get back to the flow of the moment check out the yoga series that Toronto-based yoga teacher Lauren Dee created for you.


Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

The air element is all about expansion and higher thinking. Head in the clouds, your mind is always coming up with fantastical ideas and daydreams. Being an air sign, your ideas can expand like the air we breathe. Air signs are all about movement–they are hard to contain and add fresh perspectives to any situation. They are all about adventure and seeking new places. For this element to flow with intention, try this yoga pose that is all about balance and expansion as you soar. The stretch will test your balance and allow you to focus on the present moment, something air signs have a hard time doing. Pointing straight and forward will activate your higher knowledge and third eye chakra, letting you get closer to that air element for ultimate high vibration, expansion and powerful insight.


Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs are always keeping it real. They bring us down to earth and like to be grounded. They are very loyal and stable, rooted like the trees in the earth. This connection to the earth means they are very in tune with mother nature. They are the builders and creators, accomplishing any task and can manifest any dreams in a real and practical way. This yoga pose is all about connecting you to the earth elements. Being seated and feeling the ground underneath opens up your root chakra. The root chakra opens up your instincts and intuition, especially in terms of safety and connecting you to your core. Breathe fully and ground yourself to the present moment.


Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire signs are dynamic and passionate. They love exploring new worlds, being the first to create and innovate and love the spotlight. There is a powerful burning inside of fire signs. They ignite the path for others. This energy can also be temperamental as you need fuel to keep your passions burning. Very energetic and independent, this element can bring caution or excitement depending on how you utilize your energy. This yoga pose is all about utilizing the energy and using your power. This will center the energy and allow you to channel it for all the wondrous things you want to create! Let out your fire, be a force in the world for good and change. This pose ignites the solar plexus chakra, establishing wisdom and potential.


Zodiac Signs: Cancers, Scorpio, Pisces

Water signs are the psychics of the zodiac elements. They are highly intuitive and emotional signs. These emotional watery signs flow like the tides and bring mystery like the depths of the ocean. These signs are connected to the spiritual realm and can easily tap into that world if they so choose to. These signs feel everything deeply and can be very empathetic. To help create with ease and flow like the river, this yoga pose is delicate and beautiful. Ballerina-like, this pose ignites the heart chakra and adds more beauty and grace to your life. Let go and be in the flow. You can create beauty in the moment and open your heart chakra to allow more love to flow in.

Photography and styling: Ana Alic
Yoga routine and model: Lauren Dee

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