IQ. Rorschach. Myers-Briggs. Buzzfeed.

You’ve likely taken an introspective online quiz before in an attempt to either make sense of yourself, prove a point, or because you were simply suffering from boredom.

While super-psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s identification of introvert vs. extrovert can appear too elementary and the overlapping combinations of 16 Personalities too complex, it may feel fitting to go back to basics when it comes to understanding your own qualities. Like, way back. Say, around 400 B.C.

Hippocrates may have been onto something. After all, his categorization of human characteristics dictated Western medicine for thousands of years. Granted, he theorized that it was the excess or lack of four distinct bodily fluids that influenced human behavior, but his findings, the “Four Temperaments” (below), don’t sound as batshit—save for their terribly cacophonic names.

Depending on where you fall, here’s some individualistic art to keep you inspired.

Analytical (“Choleric”)

Keep encouraged with prints that give nod to your practical nature. You’re both goal- and results-oriented, and likely have no trouble achieving either considering your knacks for logic and analysis. You’re opinionated and independent, and we doubt anyone could tell you different (probably because you dislike small talk anyway).

"The Man Who Tried to Redeem the World with Logic" Art Print

by Julia Breckenreid for Nautilus


Decide Art Print

by Camille Chew



by Merankorii


self obsessive Art Print

by Camelia Pham


Go Your Own Way Art Print

by black lab studio


Left Brain - Right Brain Art Print

by kamakebelieve


Zero Fucks Art Print

by Sophie Schultz


Dragon On Hot Air Balloon Framed Art Print

by Picomodi


Perfectionist (“Melancholic”)

You’re a planner and a perfectionist who believes in rules and doing right. And as an introvert, you can be equally anxious and self-sacrificingly empathetic towards others. Being both detail- and quality-oriented, surround yourself with works that applaud your order and accuracy.

Do what is right. Not what is easy. Art Print

by Parrish


Shy Art Print

by 83 Oranges®


"How to Avoid Empathy Burnout" Art Print

by Hanna Barczyk for Nautilus


Timid Sun Art Print

by sustici


Thinking of a Master Plan Bawse Poster

by Elisa Michelle Designs


pencils.jpg Art Print

by Joslyn Empey


Yin and Yang Art Print

by wuukasch


The Upside of Being an Introvert Art Print

by Noelle Stevenson


Optimistic (“Sanguine”)

You’re carefree and charismatic, active and approachable. With a natural curiosity and need for adventure, you’ll likely combust under the strains of boredom, so stay inspired with art that appreciates your optimism and enthusiasm.

Just Fuckin' Do It Art Print

by Rhianna Marie Chan


Sweet Freedom Art Print

by Sophie Schultz


Beach Babe Art Print

by trav-elle by laerta premto


Carefree Summer of Love Art Print

by Olivia Joy St.Claire


Vamos a la playa Art Print

by Luli Luciérnaga


The path leads to forever Art Print

by Picomodi


Roll With It Art Print

by Barlena


Everything Will Be Okay Art Print

by Julia Walck


Sympathetic (“Phlegmatic”)

Pick pieces that embolden your easy-going and accommodating ways. As a people-person who values relationships and harmony, you’re both loyal and peace-keeping. You think calmly and carefully. And as someone sympathetic and service-oriented, you’re happy to lend a hand.

Waiting Greyhound Art Print

by BertandJudith



by Stephanie Czapla


Sloth Art Print

by NarkisShahaf


Zen sailing, ocean, stars Art Print

by VApinx - Katarzyna L.


Panda's Little Helper Art Print

by Jay Fleck


Ottavia Art Print

by Sofia Bonati


Join your Ideas Art Print

by HenryWine


Under Anesthesia Art Print

by Sara Wong


Danielle Cheesman

Sr. Content Editor