It may not fully seem like it, but summer is skewing towards autumn with no signs of slowing up. The fall feels mean we start to focus on those warm tones and thinking of interior cozy accents and picking out that super comfy blanket and pillow situation for fireside moments with friends on those crisp seasonal nights.

Trending: Heritage Home

The word “heritage” brings up thoughts of rustic wood hewn decor with frontier design elements knit into thick blankets draped across handmade furniture, a stone-walled den and of course a wood burning fire. Heritage is built from the foundations of an aesthetic tradition with the essence of the past, a lived-in and proven aesthetic handed down for generations and glowing with culture and tradition. But it’s also what you make of it, and for our moment we’re showcasing the golden tones and minimal rustic design elements that accentuate modern homes and lifestyles.


by Showdeer

Bison Art Print

by Andreas Lie

West Texas Explorer Art Print

by Bethany Young Photography

One line Horse 1606 Art Print

by quibe

Trending: Terracotta

It’s brownish-red or brownish-orange, depending on how you want to describe it. But either way this earthy-hued colorway is quite popular across the board. You can find it having feature moments in art prints, tableware, home goods and bedding. Whether you use it as an accent or a major color story in your setting, Terracotta is both a balancing and bold addition to this season’s choices.

Sun Dreamer Tote Bag

by Harley and J

The Window View Art Print

by Madison O’Shea

Desert Dusk Capsule Tote Bag

by Circa78Designs

Inspirational Bravery Quote in Terra Cotta Art Print

by june//journal

Upcoming Zodiac: Virgo

We are constantly blown away by how popular horoscope focused and zodiac specific artwork is. Constantly. You want to be in the mix for one of our most sought after collections or featured posts? This is a great way to add some spice to your shop and build awareness for your work. Here are some upcoming examples for Virgo, but we’ll be looking for new ideas to stock collections featuring original artwork based on the signs of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius!

Cactus and Rainbow Art Print

by Alisa Galitsyna

Washed Throw Pillow

by Felicia Chiao

Cubed Vintage Botanicals Tote Bag

by Bianca Green

Earth Babe Art Print

by Rachel Jo

Trending: Minimal Line Art

A lot can be said with a little, and the minimal affect is really having a strong moment these days. Whether it’s creating a portrait with a single line or crafting a scene with mere gestures we’re noticing an uptick in this area for art lovers and home decor enthusiasts.

Wildfires Wall Tapestry

by Maggie Stephenson

Distracted Art Print

by Isabelle Feliu

Love Myself Laptop Sleeve

by Henn Kim

Pinky Swear Throw Pillow

by Explicit Design

Apothecary / Botanical Art

So you like to keep your little plant friends in a safe glass dome, right? Well the blend of apothecary (14th century medicinal storage and display) and botanical (plants and such) is truly favored amongst the trendsetting and trend following elite. They love it, they want it, they’re looking for it and finding prints on our site.

Preserved Memories Art Print

by Jessica Roux

Apothecary Art Print

by Stefani Austin

Manor House Art Print

by Arabella Proffer


by Sagepizza


It’s Time: Art for the Holidays!

The holidays are practically here, or at least that’s how it feels and we’re ready to start seeing some of your original holiday art. We’re going to be starting the curation process for  our Holiday Collections and all you have to do is start uploading those new works. You know what? Go ahead and tag them “holiday” and we’ll have an easier time spotting things as they arrive.

Christmas Coffee Carousel Stationery Cards

by Marijke Buurlage

lotus diamond festive Comforters

by Sharon Turner

Merry Little Squirrel Throw Pillow

by Poppy & Red

Winter Nights Art Print

by Camille Chew

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community