It’s the raddest coffee table book you’ll ever own. A never-ending source of creative inspiration. A vivid display of artistic genius. Damn right: it’s the NEW Art Quarterly, and it’s some of the best stuff we’ve seen to date. It’s my privilege to announce the next exciting edition of the Society6 Art Quarterly – No.2.1!


Perfect bound with a black foil stamped cover, the Spring 2017 Art Quarterly weighs in at 9×12 inches. It features original artwork from 50 diverse Society6 artists off-set printed in rich color across 130 pages.

Our dedication to our artists goes beyond facilitating the sale of their work on various products. Whether through collaboration, exhibits, social media, features, emails, collections or videos, we strive to propel your work in front of as many eyes as possible. But it’s always uniquely energizing when we discover new methods like this.

The Society6 Art Quarterly drops 4X a year and includes new work from active Society6 artists. Emerging artists will sit alongside community veterans in a celebration of the diversity in media, style and subject represented within the S6 family. With thousands of artists uploading daily, we may not be able to fit everyone in, but we’re thrilled to establish one more way to spotlight our talented members.

And now, let’s introduce the artists of Society6 Art Quarterly No.2.1 in order of appearance:

Norman Duenas – Donya Todd – Reno Nogaj – Clara Lopez – Matt Vince – Sofia Bonati – Badnewsmikehughes – Sam Lyne – Robin Eisenberg – Nicolas Castell – Tanya Sprowl – Mirland – Mike Force – Laurence Philomene – Lioness – Mio Im – Dividus – Taylor Price – Leafandpetal – Jennifer Gauthier – Eero Lampinen – Djuno Tomsni – Bmd Design.Fr – Elly Liyana – Isabelle Feliu – Scott Listfield – Daniel Logan – Ffoart – Wendy Ortiz – Ashton Dame – Wilmer Murillo – Ophelie Rondeau – The Red Wolf – Ruben Ireland – Kirsten Rothbart – Franz Samsa – Dushan Milic – Ben Fearnley – Willian Santiago – Hanna Kastl-Lundberg – Felicia Chiao – Boris Pelcer – Regina Rivas Bigorda – Omerika – Yeop – Bedelgeuse – French & Penny – Angela Dalinger – A1Ricardo x Parker – Bebe Wahyu

These art books are exclusively available in extremely limited quantities. Grab one while you can at!