Update alert! We’ve re-launched Zip Hoodies as a standalone product and made some changes along the way.

If you’ve visited your Artist Studio this past week, you may have noticed that Zip Hoodies are now listed under “New Products.” Continue reading to learn more about the re-launch and updates. 

Activating Zip Hoodies

Previously, our Zip Hoodies were listed as a style option on any Pullover Hoodie product page. Now that we’ve re-launched Zip Hoodies, they will be listed as a standalone product on-site and in your Artist Studio. To make the process easier, if you already had Hoodies available in your shop, we’ve automatically enabled Zip Hoodies on your behalf. If you haven’t already enabled Hoodies (or our other Apparel products!), now is the perfect to do so.

Visit your Artist Studio to upload new designs or enable any Apparel products.

Updates to Zip Hoodies

We’ve also updated the printing options for Zip Hoodies. Previously, we offered a full front printing location but we’ve removed that option to prevent your artwork from being obstructed by the zipper.  All Zip Hoodies are now available with either a chest graphic print location or a full back print location.


Olivia Linville

Artist Relations & Development Associate