Art depicts a world or a story unique to the eye of the beholder. Here in our “Keep It 100” series, we ask writers, poets and other wordsmiths to craft 100 words inspired by the work of an artist from the Society6 community. 

Below, the idyllic scenery in “Procida” by artist Lorena Spurio is the inspiration behind writer Taylor Michael’s prose.

“Procida” by Lorena Spurio

“Longing” by Taylor Michael
Inspired by “Procida” by Lorena Spurio

Breathe in salt and sea. Exhale. Watch boats bob; their masts touch wisps of clouds darting across blue skies. A breeze ripples across the bay. Leaves rustle outside the terrace.  

Along the pier fishermen haul their catch. Seagulls swoop close hoping to snatch. 

Further through narrow streets, vendors and craftspeople hustle. Voices and fists rise near a domed church. Two men had a rendezvous with the same woman. 

“Stop daydreaming. Come eat!”

The phone shows 5 missed calls, 4 Instagram notifications and 30 minutes since the young dreamer abandoned the book. With a sigh she gathers her belongings and leaves.

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About the Artist

Lorena Spurio is an illustrator from Italy, currently based in Turin. After discovering her passion for drawing and painting three years ago, she decided to study Creative Illustration at BAU in Barcelona. She has worked with magazines such as Brillo Magazine, Flo Magazine and Megazinne.

About the Writer

Taylor Michael is an essayist and critic with published works in Artsy, Publishers Weekly, Full Stop, Hyperallergic and ArtsWestchester. She is soon to graduate from Columbia University’s MFA program and was the A Public Space Editorial Fellow in 2020.