Chances are you’ll be traveling sometime this holiday season, which often means hours spent in crowded airports wishing you could drown out the madness.

Thankfully, noise-cancelling headphones exist (PTL) and Podcasts are better than ever. If you’re looking to do more than just kill time, we’ve put together a list of amazing art and design Podcasts to help you brush up on your modern art knowledge, enhance your photo skills or just feel less alone as a freelance creative. Check them out and share your own faves in the comments section below!

Raw Material

Check out this podcast from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art if you want to get caught up on what’s happening here and now in the art world. Each season features a different theme with a different “podcaster-in-residence” to lead you through. Season one explores art of the unknown touching on the the occult and spirituality, season two is all about art and social justice (relevant now more than ever) and now in it’s third season, tune in to hear all about the hidden art gems of California including some Disneyland (!!) secrets.

99% Invisible

An instant classic hosted by the beloved Roman Mars, this podcast explores all things art, architecture and design. It’s often so easy to overlook the power of good design, but thankfully our current cultural climate seems to be becoming more and more obsessed with innovative branding and stand-out structures. There’s a TON of episodes (283 to be exact!) so if you’re not sure where to start, check out this guide and get ready to look at the world in a whole new way.

In The Clouds


A Piece Of Work

WNYC, MoMA and Abbi Jacobson? SAY NO MORE. This 10 episode series answers all of your modern art questions (wut is that, why is that, wait…no seriously…wut is that) with renowned curators and guest appearances by everyone from Tavi Gevinson to RuPaul. If you love art history, want to love art history or just want to listen to some amazing creatives discuss complex, culture-bending pieces of art, this podcast is perf for you.


From designer Amy Devers and Design Milk’s Jaime Derringer, Clever is all about the humans behind the works of art and design we see each day. With art and design becoming more and more commodifiable, it’s easy to forget about the person behind the scenes getting their hands dirty. Listen here to feel solidarity with countless respected artists and designers and hopefully find some inspiration for your own creative journey.

Music, Forever

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of modern art and impress all of your friends by knowing who’s making waves in the art world (don’t you already feel smarter just reading this?) then the MAN Podcast is for you. Each week, join host Tyler Green as he talks to some of the most influential and envelope-pushing artists of our time.

A Small Voice

In the age of the iPhone, photography can seem deceptively simple, but anyone who’s serious about photography knows that it’s so much more than swipe up and tap. A Small Voice features photographer Ben Smith in conversation with other professional photographers from around the world as they discuss their processes, philosophies and probably other things that start with ‘p’.

Header image by Happy Home Artistry

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content