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Who are you and what do you do? I am Alja Horvat and I am illustrator and artist. I mostly do illustrations of women and indoor/outdoor places, but when I started my artistic journey I was making patterns and handlettering art.

Current city: Maribor, Slovenia

Clients: Causebox,, CeliaB

How did you make these? Most of my work is made with graphic tablet on a computer or on an iPad—the Procreate app—but sometimes I also work with gouache and acrylics. I find it so much easier to work on graphic tablet because you can easily go few steps backwards.

Why did you make these? To tell different stories; I want people to look at my illustrations and I want them to interpret them differently. One illustration can have a few different meanings. It depends from which side you’re looking.

What do people typically say about your work? Colourful, whimsical, empowering, different.

Social: @aljahorvatco (on Instagram)

"We are magical"

"The Jungle Life"

"You're gonna be a lady soon"

"Flower Bra"

"Fashion Friends"

"When I have too much to do"

"Yummi Cherry"

"One More Minute Please"

"Parisian chic"

"Tropical Pink Floral Pattern"

"The Art Of Bikini"

"Broken Heart"

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