Murals are good for business. Beauty Earth is proving it.

The LA-based non-profit, Beautify Earth, is helping artists and aspiring muralists secure wall space and funding for projects across the world. And the return on investment for local businesses has been very worth it. Starbucks, AT&T Zappos, and Planet Blue are just a few of the beneficiaries of the creative work BE has done.

We had the chance to catch up with Beautify Earth’s founder, Evan Meyer, which is taking the mural scene by storm. If you’ve been on the hunt for a wall in your city, make sure to read through to see if Beautify Earth can help!

Ben (S6): Why would an artist want to create a mural?

Evan Meyer (BE): It is an opportunity to use your art to make the world a more colorful and inspiring place. It is an opportunity to turn blighted walls into something beautiful, paint with a purpose and use our world’s bland and boring walls as your canvas. It’s free “public gallery” placement, in a way.

How much money does it cost?

It really depends on the size of the wall, the level of detail, and the experience of the artist. A general range would average between $500 to $10k per wall.

What fund-raising options exist to cover costs?

Beautify Earth can often fund the art through sourcing funds through its network. Fundraising options may include crowd-funding, sponsorships, and professional service. It depends on the opportunity to know which option makes the most sense.

How can an Artist find a wall to paint?

Sign up as an artist for Beautify Earth and we will contact you if there is a match. You can also search your network for those who have available walls, or do it the old fashion way and walk the streets, and ask business owners and landlords.

What is Beautify Earth and why did you start it?

Beautify Earth is is a registered 501(c)3 organization committed to putting an end to blighted walls and communities all over the world by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, and instilling community pride.

Our first initiative started on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica (dubbed “Stinkin’ Lincoln”). I believe that anyone is capable of making change and that the reward of giving back is inherently the highest form of compensation. We talked to local businesses, artists, and the community and developed a strategy and plan to bring art to blighted walls to create a positive, visible, change that they could see and feel. And it worked! Investing in murals has countless benefits and massive return of investment for businesses, tourism and the city.

Beautify Earth is now an international movement, using proven strategies and value sets to bring care, art, color and love everywhere.

Ruben Rojas in front of his mural in Houston Heights, TX

What are Beautify Earth’s goals?

To make art the default, not the exception, until no unkempt, public facing wall remains. To paint the world in color. To inspire, and make people feel that they too can make positive change in their own environment. To end urban blight and civic apathy. To change how people feel day after day in their communities, for the better.  Millions of walls are ready canvases.

Recently we were honored to win the California Cultural Tourism Champion award. This recognition makes it clear that California knows impact art can make. It’s time we drive this home at a global scale.

How can people support what Beautify Earth is doing?

First step is to sign up on our mailing list to learn about upcoming events and opportunities. When someone signs up, they instantly receive our eGuide “11 Essential Steps to Create Impact In Your Community With Public Art” detailing how to create change in their local communities step by step.

Artists can also submit their work on our website to be considered for our projects and programs including Beautify Education and Every Woman, our Women Empowerment Mural Program.

Lastly, our work would not be possible without the support of our members! Members get access to exclusive events, information, and are part of growing community of like-minded art lovers and advocates. Membership begins at $10/month. You can sign up here.

We also have a great community on our Instagram feed and often post our latest projects and news there.

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Evan Meyer founded Beautify Earth, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending urban decay by allowing for every public bland or neglected wall to become an opportunity for an artist’s expression. Evan actively works with the city of Santa Monica, CA to develop new and innovative approaches to civic engagement, partnership, and activism.

Check out Beautify Earth’s website to get more details on funding your next wall!

Photos courtesy of Evan Meyers and Ruben Rojas (cover image).

Ben Renschen


Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6