Jump Into June

Get ready for summer. It’s a season for bright and colorful work, and we’re starting to see a flood of strong pieces. Customers right now are thinking about decorating for sunny weather, beach days and vacays. Keep that summery state of mind when exploring these trending design and product picks you can capitalize on right now.

Design Recommendations for a June Boom

We caught up with decor design star Crystal Walen for our new Trends With Benefits feature: Crystal discusses how she implements trends into her work, then merchandises that into products for her S6 store.

Trends With Benefits: How to Capitalize on Popular Styles

Check out a few standouts in our summer trend spotting, along with some new trends that are helping to shape the merch market.

Suggested themes:

  • Color: pastels, vintage palettes, blush, indigo
  • Botanicals: tropicals, succulents, cactus, jungle/exotic, tropical fruits,
  • Geometrics: hexagon, abstract, triangles, modern, minimalist
  • Art Deco meets bohemian
  • Mystical creatures: unicorns, mermaids etc.
  • Vintage florals: roses, peonies, etc.

Remember to use relevant titles, tags and descriptions. Check out this article on How to Get Found in Search to make sure you’re maximizing your opportunity to be discovered by customers and our own curation team.

Product Recommendations for June

Here’s what shoppers are looking for at the start of summer:

    • Bright, colorful home decor for bedrooms and common areas
    • Gear for summer outings and trips: beach towels, tote bags, backpacks, tote bags, duffle bags, carry-all pouches
    • Art prints are always a top seller, no matter what season

New Products Launching This Month!

We’re SO stoked about adding some more products for you in June! Be on the lookout for some new tabletop products and other rad decor. We’ll keep you updated through email and our Facebook group.

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Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6