Everywhere you look things feel chaotic—schedules are getting more full, the climate is out of whack and a lot of things in the world are, well…not great.

It can be completely overwhelming to try to mentally and physically take on these issues every day and it often feels like there’s not much you can do to make things better. One thing you absolutely can do however, is take care of yourself—and that starts with your space. Learning to set up an apartment or home that allows you to lean into peaceful moments is a great way to make progress towards a more harmonious existence. In light of that, here’s five simple tips for making your space and your self feel better.

1. Make your bedroom a sanctuary of comfort

We all know there’s nothing better than the feeling of getting back from a vacation and sinking into your own bed. If this is a feeling you want to chase—keeping your bedroom “sacred” is essential. There’s lots of ways you can do this—go technology free, install ambient lighting or keep your bed a sleep-only zone. However, it could also be as simple as buying the coziest blankets you can find and keeping the floor clear of clutter. Find whatever works for you and create a space where you’re confident you’ll be able to find peace.

2. Think about color

Color is a powerful force, it can easily, yet subtly change your mood or your behavior. There’s lots of scientific studies on this, but the main thing you need to think about is, what works for you. For some, all-white walls might connote the dream of minimalism, but for others they think of the sterility and fear of a hospital. Take notice of how certain colors make you feel—do you find yourself drawn to hot pink? Does a feeling of warmth and wholeness come over you in a room that features a lot of green? Think about these changes and use them to inform the primary color scheme of your decor.

3. Set aside somewhere for mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is rising in popularity, and for good reason. This simple activity is a great stress reliever and can help you increase your positivity and gratitude in even the shortest session. If you’re a lifelong meditator or want to start your own mindfulness practice, creating a dedicated space in your home can really help. Choose a favorite chair, a floor pillow or a comfortable outdoor area that allows you to have some quiet (not necessarily silence!) and focus on the world around you or inside of you. Having a designated mindfulness zone will help you train your brain to find peace and comfort when you sit down to your practice.

4. Make a space for your favorite activities

One of the best ways that you can engage with your life is through personal passions that you lose yourself in. When thinking about setting up your home, make an effort to have easy access to the tools you’ll need to do the things you love. If you want to start practicing piano again, don’t store your keyboard in a closet—try to find a place where it can stay out of the way, but continually set up. Or if you love to cook, make sure your pots, pans, and pasta maker are within arms reach so that you’re able to whip up your favorite homemade ravioli recipe in no time.

5. Clear away clutter

Okay, here me out on this. I KNOW that organization is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I can guarantee that tidying up will be supremely helpful to your mood. Usually doing a quick clean-up or organization doesn’t take as long as you think it does, and you almost always walk away with a renewed sense of appreciation for your space. One place that I always recommend people start is their fridge, a place that often goes neglected for far too long and once clean will make you feel like a full, responsible adult.

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