If there’s ever a reason to switch up your decor scheme, this is it.

This may not come as a surprise, but there’s a reason those plain, blank walls are making you stir-crazy. Science says the colors you surround yourself with can impact your mood. So, how do you make sure your space is a positive and polished one? Start with these four trending colors that will spruce up your home and improve your mood in a snap. Whether you’re after a complete style overhaul or are looking to start small (like, swapping out your pillows small), these happy hues are versatile enough to work with any existing decor scheme, so it’s a win-win.

1. Golden Yellow

One look at this warm color and I’m already frolicking in a field of daisies, feeling the warmth of sunshine on my face. Yellow has always been associated with feelings of joy and happiness, but the key here is to ensure your picks have a golden tone to soften things up. Decor experts also advise us to use this color in small doses, so opt for tabletop accessories or an accent pillow to lighten the mood. Remember, you don’t want your space to scream sunshine, but rather mildly exclaim it.

wink / mustard Throw Pillow

by Summer Sun Home Art


Fireflies Art Print

by Landon Sheely


Waves Travel Mug

by Avalon Murray


You are wonderful Sticker

by Julene Jorgensen


Sunshine Coasters

by sunshinecanteen


Yellow Modernist Floor Pillow

by Madeline Louise


Silan Framed Art Print

by Tracie Andrews


Geo / Yellow Duffle Bag

by Summer Sun Home Art


2. Blush Pink

Allow me to introduce you to the Pink Effect, a term used to describe the calming feeling that large amounts of pink (yes, please) can have on your nerves and stress levels. While you may have had enough millennial pink to last a lifetime, blush or even beige with hints of pink underneath will give you a similar sense of chill. If you’re worried your space will look too soft, or floor-to-ceiling pink is not your vibe, you can pair your picks with punchier tones to balance things out.

Meeting Again Art Print

by Isabelle Feliu


neutral Acrylic Tray

by steph_angeles


Mallorca Carry-All Pouch

by Megan Galante


Living Coral Lines Coffee Mug

by Erin Landy


Good Day Coasters

by Jaclyn Caris


Breasts in Millennial Pink Tote Bag

by Amanda Laurel Atkins


Flower Kitty Canvas Print

by Estée Preda


Ianthe Acrylic Tray

by olivia stjames


3. Muted Blue

Into cooler tones? Try a muted blue, a color that’s been shown to clear the mind, help you relax and even lower your blood pressure as you do so. It’s also associated with tranquility and contentment, which in my opinion are two qualities any abode should have. To get this calming atmosphere, you’ll want to use warmer blues, not pastels, and mix them with oranges and yellows to prevent your space from feeling frigid.

Leopard Race - blue Poster

by Megan Galante


// Shape study #21 Serving Tray

by mpgmb


Copan, Honduras Carry-All Pouch

by Isabelle Feliu


Tropicalia Night iPhone Case

by Grace


Sapphire Abstract Half Moon 3 Wall Hanging

by Selwyn & Park Design Co.


Abstract in dusty light blue Throw Pillow

by Blerta


The River Art Print

by Kalunae


Rising Bubbles Laptop Sleeve

by Tony Magner


4. Sage Green

Here’s another option if you’re working with a darker color palette. Studies have shown that this soft green hue reduces anxiety, clears the mind and promotes serenity and calmness. It’s no surprise then that adding touches of the great outdoors (houseplants included!) can boost your mood and give your space a refresh. It’s a good idea to mix in some more neutral tones with this one to give you a more earthy vibe.

Deyoung Chocomint Tote Bag

by Caligrafica


Calm Cutting Board



Little Fields Coffee Mug

by NancyNoreth


Autumn Rainbows Wall Hanging

by june//journal


Sage Green x Stripes Framed Art Print

by Leah Flores


Botanical Garden Canvas Print

by Estée Preda


PETRA SAGE Throw Pillow

by holli zollinger


minimalist painting 01 Wall Tapestry

by Iris Lehnhardt


Photos by Nicole LaMotte

Jessica McQueen