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Who are you and what do you do? I’m Alba Blázquez, graphic designer by day, illustrator by night. Most of the time an enthusiast and other times a nihilist.

Current city: Madrid, specifically the Usera neighborhood.

Clients: Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, Mad Cool Festival, Mahou Beer, Maxibon Ice Cream, Hohe Luft Magazine, AW Lab, Planeta Publishing House, Tantanfan, El Duende Magazine

How did you make these? I start from a random idea that I sketch in my notebook or on any sheet of paper that I find, then I scan it and I go improvising with [Adobe] Illustrator. Many times I start only with abstract shapes and a specific color palette.

Why did you make these? I do it to feel myself, in some way, [be] realized as a human being. [It’s] also to channel the many thoughts that flood me and I do not know how to express them in any other way. I find satisfaction in a finished work.

What do people typically say about your work? People often tell me that they like the colors I use or the concepts I try to express. Many people also ask me where these ideas come from. I enjoy the free interpretation of the people.

Social: @albablazquezyo (on Instagram)

"the mirror"


"I lose myself everyday in front on the mirror"


"autumn season"



"once upon a time"



"someone stuck in my eye"

"bye bye"

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