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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Aniko Aliyeva (a.k.a. anyeva) and I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Also a huge animal lover and coffee addict. I mainly work from home doing branding, logos and webdesign, but my heart beats for illustration!

Current city: I’m from Budapest, Hungary but recently moved to Baku, Azerbaijan.

How did you make these? Usually I work with Illustrator and with my Wacom tablet. Sometimes I use Photoshop to add a small touch to the surface of my illustrations. I get my inspiration cruising Pinterest for fashion-inspired photographs and compositions. I like to capture the different expressions of  women’s faces, showing strength, dreaminess and curiosity at the same time, and put them in a geometric environment mixed with floral motifs. I like using bold colors which makes them stand out from the crowd a bit.

Why did you make these? Mainly I started to create these artworks because I would like to see them on my own walls as well, or wear them as t-shirts. I believe that illustration or art can have purely aesthetic meaning–a print, for example, gives you a good feeling when you enter into a room, or a decoration is what makes your interior unique. On the other hand, I like to make fashion-inspired portraits and put them in different contexts and leave the rest to the viewer’s imagination.

What do people typically say about your work? That they really like the colorfulness and they get a strong sense of femininity in my fashion-inspired portraits.

Client List: Talented Hungarian designers (Wessely Jewel), smallish rising local startups ( and cool art and design lovers. Fashion magazines (Glamour Hungary), cultural and educative events and a culinary studio.

Social: @anyevastudio

"Abstract greek head with flower patterns"

"Eternal woman - still life nr.1"

"Summer with flower of a turban girl"

"Women with flowery coat"

"Womanity - The inner other one - Model#1.3"

"Womanity - Curiosity- Model#3.3"

"Spring Model"

"Womanity - Sisterhood - Model#2.3"

"The Big Eye Leopard"

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Women with Flowery Coat Throw Pillow

by anyeva


Womanity - Curiosity- Model#3.3 Canvas Print

by anyeva


Womanity - Sisterhood - Model#2.3 Serving Tray

by anyeva


The Big Eye Leopard abstract Acrylic Tray

by anyeva


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