He just keeps going viral.

Marc Allante‘s rise to success is something every Artist dreams of. He’s gone viral multiple times, but none were more life-changing than the first in 2013. A friend of Marc’s shared his artwork of a lion, A Portrait of Hong Kong, on Reddit. It was the first moment that really validated his pursuit of becoming an artist. Marc’s mom was battling terminal colon and liver cancer at the time. He acknowledges that going viral during such a difficult time in his life served as this beautiful, and bright moment they were able to share before she passed. Marc has since gone viral multiple times and continues to prove that being a full-time Artist is possible.

Marc recently wrote these two great articles on digitizing your artwork as well:

  1. How to Photograph Your Artwork for Reproduction on Society6 Products
  2. How to Scan Your Artwork for Reproduction on Society6 Products

Ben Renschen



Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6