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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Ben Kwok, a.k.a. BIOWORKZ, and I was a graphic artist transitioning into fine arts.

Current city: I currently live in Eastvale, California.

Clients: Disney, Converse, Lucky Brand, PopSockets, Steve Austin, Pearl Jam, 311, Blink-182, System of a Down, Metallica, Primus, Ween

How did you make these? Most illustrations start with a sketch of the animal with all the ornate patterns [then] added to complement the shape and form of the animal. Lately, I’ve been sketching digitally to maximize my productivity. I still like to finish the illustration by hand—mostly with ballpoint ink, fine liners, and colored pencils. I have been dabbling in acrylic and I intend to use more colors in 2019.

Why did you make these? Because I have to. These are images in my head that I must put on paper or it’ll bother me. Sometimes I feel like I’m the messenger of the artwork instead of the creator. Most of the time, the images aren’t fully realized until I put pen on paper. So why do I make these? I don’t have a choice, I’m an artist to the core.

What do people typically say about your work? “Wow, it’s so detailed.” “How long did this take you?” Or, “what do you call this style?” Yes, my work is very intricate. Most illustrations take 24-40 hours to complete and I called my style Ornation™.

Social: @bioworkz (on Instagram)




"Moonlight Raven"

"Ornate Koala"



"Great Horned Skull"

"Giraffe (Color Version)"

"Ornate Skull (Color Version)"

"Eye of the Tiger"

"Ornate Buck"

"German Shepherd"


Ornate Buck Coffee Mug



Tangerine Sky Elephant Wood Wall Art



Frenchie Carry-All Pouch



Ornate Pineapple (Colored) Comforters



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