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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Clara and I’m a Spanish freelance illustrator. I spend most of my time drawing clusters of weird faces and bodies.

Current city: Bilbao

How did you make these? I make most of my drawings by using traditional techniques. At first, I usually do a pencil sketch and shortly after, I color it with watercolors or acrylic. Then I scan and retouch it on Photoshop. Sometimes, I work digitally solely, but the truth is I much more enjoy drawing the other way, directly on the paper.

Why did you make these? I’ve always felt inspired by people, identity and social relationships; loneliness, fantasy and sci-fi. The odd and the “normal.” I draw in order to express myself, as a way to take conversations I hold with myself and look at them from another perspective.

What do people typically say about your work? I get quite diverse feedback. Each person reads my art differently and I like that very much. However, there are many coincidental concepts like “orderly chaos,” “disturbing,” “grim”… Sometimes I don’t agree with some of these definitions but I find it interesting how my art can inspire such different feelings in everyone.

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