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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Claudio Chávez, 27, a Chilean designer and graphic artist from Santiago. I’m currently studying illustration and lately I’ve been developing graphic art focused on synthesis, minimalism and symbolism.

Current city: Santiago, Chile

How did you make these? Used Adobe Illustrator and lots of love.

Why did you make these? I love making illustrations that challenge my skills and creativity. Lately I have been experimenting with geometry, minimalism and Op-Art.

What do people typically say about your work? Usually they notice the unusual perspectives, atmospheres and the way I use colors.

Social: @claudiochavezb

"Satisfaction 20"

"Satisfaction 3"

"Intuition 1"

"Intuition 2"

"Allegory 11"

"Allegory 10"

"Satisfaction 23"

"Satisfaction 18"

"Allegory 8"

"Allegory 12"

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Satisfaction 20 Art Print

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Satisfaction 2 Art Print

by Claudio Chávez


Satisfaction 3 Art Print

by Claudio Chávez


Intuition 1 Art Print

by Claudio Chávez


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