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Who are you and what do you do? I am Doris, a freelance illustrator, visual artist and textile product graphic designer.

Current city: Nanjing, China– city with a long history and many stories.

Clients: Children’s Illustrator Publications, Silk Road Magazine, providing scarves for individual customers and more.

How did you make these? I like to draw on paper with calligraphy pens and pigments because I like this real feeling, then scan the works and edit them using software. I am also working digitally, and Photoshop and Painters are my usual tools. I used “krita” to draw lines and the experience was great.

Why did you make these? Abstract plants and animals are the subject of my work, and I like bright and soft colors. Modern life is fast-paced, and it is always difficult for people to stop and relax their hearts. I paint these abstract works, hoping to remind people to slow down in a timely manner, noting that there are many beautiful things on the planet that heal the mind, such as a pot of plants on your window sill or a cute animal.

What do people typically say about your work? Some people like my work and will say that they are wonderful healing agents and interesting. Some people don’t like my work. I feel that no matter people like or deny them, I can accept them.

Social: @tdoriscici

"Spring Flower3"

"Spring Flower1"

"Spring Flower2"

"Tropical Plant"

"abstract plants"

"Pink and Blue"

"Blue and Pink"

"Tropical Plants"

"Coconut Tree"

"Dark Night Flowers"

"Desert Plant"

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