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Who are you and what do you do? Hi, I’m Emily, a 19-year-old self-taught illustrator currently attending Boston University. When I’m not drawing you can usually find me exploring Boston or looking for pockets of nature in the city.

Current city: Boston, MA

How did you make these? As far as inspiration goes I usually look to what’s around me, whether it be a shape I see in nature or a phrase I hear. I’m not one for planning every step, so I usually start with quick sketches and see where the idea takes me. I start the process in Procreate because I love the control and feel of a tablet; it makes it so easy to play around with shapes and scale. Once I’m happy with a sketch I’ll move it into Adobe Illustrator to refine it and then into Lightroom to mess with colors. There’s still a certain satisfaction that comes from working on paper, so I like to keep a sketchbook for more impulsive pieces that I later use as inspiration.

Why did you make these? For me, creating is a sort of therapy. It’s incredibly relaxing, and there are certain moods and feelings that I don’t think I could express in my own words that I express through illustration. In the colors I pick and shapes I draw I want to depict a sense of happiness and positivity. My classes can keep me busy and drawing is grounding factor. Art keeps me in touch with a piece of myself that gets excited by the little things.

What do people typically say about your work? I get a lot of comments about the positive phrases I illustrate. People also comment about the aesthetically pleasing nature of the patterns, shapes and colors. I spend a lot of time messing with color schemes and details, so it’s really rewarding to see that pay off.

People also really appreciate my custom work, and I love helping someone else’s vision for a design come to life, whether it be a logo, album cover or sticker.

Client List: Boston University Hillel, Fig & Opal, The Pajama Dogs, custom stickers and portraits for clients

Social: @emilylynndesign

"Hands Off"

"Take It Easy"

"Love Your Self"

"Jellyfish Pattern"

"Today is a Good Day"


"Pink Symmetry"

"Pasta Pattern"

"Wavy Baby"

"Talk to the Hand"

Mouth Mandala Backpack

by Emily Lynn Design


Love Your Self Sticker

by Emily Lynn Design


Wavy Baby on White Framed Art Print

by Emily Lynn Design


Hands Off Laptop Sleeve

by Emily Lynn Design

Jessica McQueen