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Who are you and what do you do? We are Frank Moth, a self-taught digital collage artist with his other half. He has been designing for many years before the alias “Frank Moth” was born in 2014. He tries to create nostalgic postcards from the future, in the search for eternity.

Current city: Veria, Northern Greece

Clients: Bullitt Hotel Dublin, Stanford University, Estrella Street Food Greece, Electric Litany

How did you make these? Currently, almost exclusively digital with the great freedom that the collage technique offers and with the utmost respect to it.

Why did you make these? Among a great amount of bad decisions, insecurity and procrastination, searching for direction in life, creating these digital artworks was the liberating act that could offer redemption. The inclination to hide our isolation, the reaction to all of that was the effort to fit in with the use of universal concepts, such as love, loneliness, friendship, family, absence, yearning. We try to integrate the human being into the infinite great beauty. Of course there is always the thought of returning to the security of nostalgia.

What do people typically say about your work? We receive so [many] thoughtful and kind comments every day and we are grateful that our work can be a reason for people to change their life for the best. But what overwhelms and stuns us is every single time we see someone have a piece of ourselves in their homes. This is the biggest compliment.

Social: @frankmoth (on Instagram)

"Living two whole lives with Burden"

"Good Morning"



"Hanging on to a Dream"




"Lost In Your Memories"

"Love and Dignity"



"Missing the ones we Left Behind"

"Coming Back"

"We Used To Live There"

"We Chose This Road My Dear"

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Nostalgia Credenza

by Frank Moth


Love and Dignity Acrylic Tray

by Frank Moth


We Chose This Road My Dear Wall Tapestry

by Frank Moth


We Used To Live There Backpack

by Frank Moth


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