A celestial spectacle is on its way.

If you needed another reason to kickstart your resolutions this year, look no further than an upcoming sign from the sky. Next week, a Super Wolf Blood Moon—a what?!—is set to turn a certain night up a notch, making it a divine time for us all to reflect and reset.

At approximately 12:12 a.m. Monday, January 21, there’ll be a trifecta of lunar activity and energy going on: a Wolf Moon, Blood Moon, and Supermoon. So whether you decide to keep things mellow or throw an epic moon party, be sure to cash in on your fresh start.

Here’s a breakdown of what it all means, plus some art to help get you in the moon—I mean!—mood.

Patron Saint by pakgaystani

Pieces of Forgotten Moons by Kelly Knaga


This one’s easy. A wolf moon is the first full moon in January.


This is just a nickname for the more technically-titled “total lunar eclipse”—which occurs when the moon (a full one!) and sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth. With all three in alignment, the moon is blanketed in the dense center of the Earth’s shadow. (It’s “eclipsed.” Get it?)

Eclipse by Tracie Andrews

Blood Moon 2 by Miranda Lorikeet

Moonloon by Filip Hodas

But about its crimson-colored moniker: the total lunar eclipse likely got its pet name because—even with the moon, sun and Earth aligned—some scattered beams of sunlight still penetrate and pass through (but are diffracted by) the earth’s atmosphere, ultimately removing the other colors of the visible spectrum, and leaving the moon appearing to be cast in a reddish color. Boom.


FInally, a supermoon occurs when a full moon, while in its monthly orbit of Earth, is at its closest point to the earth. Because the moon has an elliptical (or oval) orbit—not round—it’s always either a bit closer or farther from Earth than it was the night before, making the moon sometimes (and in this case, particularly!) appear brighter and bigger.

Overstayed My Unwelcome by Feminista

Moon & Arrow by Sonoramw

Dance Like No One Is Watching by Hillary White

Be Powerful by Camila Rosa

The point is, they don’t say “the stars were aligned” for nothin.’ (We know these aren’t all stars, just bear with us!)

Since lunar eclipses embrace shadows and full moons illuminate skies, let them inspire you in the same way when setting your intentions: be honestly introspective and start anew.

The next total lunar eclipse isn’t until May 26, 2021.


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Danielle Cheesman

Sr. Content Editor