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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Jaclyn Caris. I am a graphic designer, illustrator and letterer. Currently, I’m a senior designer in Detroit and I also freelance on the side.

With a graphic design background and a love for illustration and hand lettering, I’ve found a niche that combines my passions, allowing me to create exciting work and a desire to bring ideas to life.

I work on a wide range of design projects, anywhere from branding and packaging design to animated .GIFS and apparel design.

Current city: Detroit

Clients: Ford Motor Company, Lincoln Motor Company, Spotify, Neiman Marcus, Detroit Institute of Art, The North American International Auto Show, Quick Lane Auto Center, Femmemute, Givingli, Motown Mansion

How did you make these? I made these using Procreate on the iPad Pro. I use Procreate and Adobe Illustrator for most of my work.

Why did you make these? I like to come up with random series of artwork and side projects to do outside of my job as a graphic designer. I like to create series of work because I love how they all look together as a complete set once they’re done. Also, because it makes it easier to come up with the next piece of the series instead of trying to come up with something totally new each time. Creating series and side projects on my own are what keeps me motivated as a designer. It helps me from getting burned out because it’s fun stuff that I love to work on!

For this Wild series, I really enjoyed making this tiger drawing I did, so I decided to complete the series and create more “Wild” animals and lettering with a similar style and color palette that went with the theme to make a cool series.

What do people typically say about your work? People usually say my work is bold, fun, kind of weird, has interesting color palettes and textures, and sometimes has a retro feel.

Social: @jaclyncaris

"Neon Cheetah"

"Wild Flowers"

"Neon Tiger"


"Hot Damn"

"Slay the Day"

"Be Young. Be Dope. Be Proud."

"Panther & Plant"

"Cheetah & Plant"


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