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Who are you and what do you do? I am Miranda Lorikeet, the anti-Photoshop artist who draws naked ladies, landscapes and still life paintings with MS Paint.

Current city: Sydney, Australia

Clients: Microsoft, Tic Tac, Kit & Ace, Pedestrian, Jermango Dreaming

How did you make these? Originally I made these while sitting at my desk at my office job, when my boss wasn’t looking, on a clunky Dell computer with a $10 computer mouse. Now I make these from the comfort of my bed on my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Things sure have changed over the years.

Why did you make these? To share my little piece of paradise. I want to provide my viewers with a sense of escape from reality. I love classic surrealism and pop art, so my work is a little of both. A lot of my drawings focus on isolation, escaping reality and being at peace with your surroundings. I draw landscapes to lose yourself in, little make-believe universes to escape to. It’s about those moments when you are staring out the train window but in your head you are miles away, when you are daydreaming and feel totally removed from the real world. My goal is to capture those moments where you are all alone but at total peace. My characters are searching for nothing, they are just being. Happily existing in their dreamscapes; fantastical pastel universes that only exist in your mind. I feature the ocean a lot because it’s huge and terrifying and unexplored. I like a bit of mystery and darkness to offset the candy colours. I’m trying to encapsulate those dreams you have that aren’t quite nightmares. The feeling you get when something is beautiful but something is not quite right.

What do people typically say about your work? I’m lucky enough to have a very sweet and supportive audience who find their own meaning and inspiration in my pictures. I am always very touched when someone says they can see themselves in my work, or that it reminds them from a moment from their own lives. Although the most common comment I hear about my artwork is, “Wait, what do you mean you drew this in MS Paint? How? Like…on Microsoft Paint? Like from the 90s?”

Social: @MirandaLorikeet (on Instagram)

"Meet Me Halfway"

"Aboriginal Girl and Rose"

"Blood Moon 2"







"Hypnos // Oceanius"

"Lumière Ensemble"


"Tempus fugit"

Paradise Tote Bag

by Miranda Lorikeet


Float Side Table

by Miranda Lorikeet



by Miranda Lorikeet


Blood Moon 2 Wall Tapestry

by Miranda Lorikeet


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