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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Patricia Cascino (aka Pati Cascino and Cascino Lab). I am Brazilian, I have a bachelor’s degree in architecture. I’ve worked as a jewelry designer for more than a decade and, since I moved to Houston, I have been studying and working with graphic design and venturing out as an visual artist and illustrator..

Current city: Houston, TX

How did you make these? Usually, I start with a sketch. Since the advent of the Ipad Pro, I mostly do this digitally 🙂 So I try some color palettes and decide whether I will keep it as a digital art or if I will paint it manually. Lately, my favorite media has been gouache and acrylic. I always use Photoshop or Illustrator to clean and finish up my  artwork.

Why did you make these? I paint, scribble and draw since I was little. My choices in life have always been intentionally chosen based on my artistic abilities. Architecture was the most appropriate choice when I was younger. Jewelry came as a hobby and became a great passion and profession. There has always been a lot of drawing, creativity and love for art in my whole life and professional career. When I moved to Houston and went back to school, I took many drawing classes again and I was always doodling, even in my spare time. It was obvious to me that I should dedicate myself to painting and definitely spread it throughout the world!

What do people typically say about your work? People say it is uplifting, vibrant and fresh.

Client List: Hope to have many!! Recently I made some personal bespoke illustrations, as portraits and also some brand identities.

Social: @cascino_lab

"Dracaena Pink"

"Vase 3"

"In a Better Place"

"Leather Fern"

"Issa Tropical"




"Cactus Blue"

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