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Who are you and what do you do? I’m Rebecca! Nice to meet you! I’m an illustrator who loves anything flowy, floral and feminine. My style consists of thin black (or white, as of recent) linear work and bold, sunset, blush tones—almost resembling a botanical tattoo or folk-pop art.

Current city: Melbourne, Australia

Clients: eco.mono, Your Tea (The VJJ Diaries), The Eye Creative, Society6

How did you make these? Many of my ideas become inspired by quotes I find, flower symbolism and/or personal experiences and growth, or purely just from a colour palette I have in mind that I want to use. I’ve always been a big fan of traditional artwork and often get asked if my work is digitally drawn because of the smooth line work; however, I do actually hand draw all my pieces using 0.03, 0.05 and 0.1 black fine liners. I then scan my illustrations into Photoshop where I then fill in the negative space. It’s like I’m creating a little whimsical adult colouring book for myself!

Why did you make these? Although many of my pieces are created purely for an aesthetic reason, many of them do contain deeper meanings. I like to think that my pieces combined create a blush-toned world which resembles reality in a beautiful and powerful light where people can see themselves and reflect. I want people to look at my work and find it relatable, whether it has to do with self-acceptance, love, heartache, or even freedom and beauty. This is where flower symbolism comes in and adds subtlety to my personal deeper connection with my work. From first glance a piece might just look like a pretty picture but, for example, if I’m trying to convey inner strength I’ll incorporate a Dhalia which is symbolic of that message.

What do people typically say about your work? Usually that they enjoy my colour palettes and concepts of combining ordinary beauty and natural beauty with my use of florals.

Social: @rebeccaflattleyart (on Instagram)

"Golden Girl"

"Sweater Struggles 2"

Tulips Are Better Than One"

"Spring Socks"

"Stay Afloat"

"Girls in Florals"


"Cherry Soda"

"Let Me Blossom"

"Secret Hideaway"

"Can't Hide True Beauty"

"Girl Gang Essentials"

"You Are Enough"

"Pants Off Friday"

"Pocket Plants"

Let Me Blossom Phone Case

by Rebecca Flattley


Girl Gang Essentials Tote Bag

by Rebecca Flattley


Cherry Soda Towel

by Rebecca Flattley


Secret Hideaway Notebook

by Rebecca Flattley


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