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Who are you and what do you do? I am an artist and illustrator. I graduated from the Academy of Art with a degree in arts and crafts, where I learned to make ceramics and batik, weave carpets and tapestries and make hot enamel.

Current city: Now I live in Düsseldorf, North Westphalia.

Clients: Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Psychologies Magazine France, Nights and Weekends Canada, Edited Hamburg, Acupuncture Shanghai

How did you make these? I work in different techniques, both original painting (acrylic on paper) and digital art.

I draw a sketch, then transfer it to clean paper and draw using acrylic on paper. Usually, I create the color scheme in the process of drawing. I always make a graphic sketch. I work on my illustrations for a very long time, from a few weeks to half a year. Every time I try to improve my technique, to make it more perfect.

Why did you make these? This is my life’s work. I’m in love with my job.

What do people typically say about your work? People usually wonder about my patience. But this is damn true, I am very patient in my work, I am a perfectionist.

Social: @sasha.ignatiadou

"Korean Dream"



"Color Purity"


"My Crane"

"Redhead Girl"


"Rare Jungle Fruits"

"Freedom Fish"

Felicitata Canvas Print

by Sasha Ignatiadou


Kitty Art Print

by Sasha Ignatiadou


Color Purity iPhone Skin

by Sasha Ignatiadou


Redhead Girl Tote Bag

by Sasha Ignatiadou


Jessica McQueen