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Could you introduce yourself?
I’m Anthony D’Amato, a musician based in Brooklyn, NY. I spend a lot of my time on tour around the US and Europe and I like to take my camera with me on the road to document all the different scenes and people I encounter.

Current city: Brooklyn, NY

What’s your process?
I keep my Nikon D750 with me on the road, and I try to seek out dramatic landscapes or historic sites without straying too far from my tour routing. Sometimes I’ll shoot early in the morning before I hit the road for the day and other times I’ll shoot late at night after my performances are over. If I have an off day between shows, I’ll try to spend it somewhere with a lot of photo opportunities.

Why did you get into photography?
Photography has always been a hobby of mine but as I started spending more and more time on the road, it developed into a really important outlet for me. Most of the time, I’m touring as a solo acoustic artist so I have a lot of time on my own. Photography became a way to add some adventure to my long days of traveling and to connect and share my experiences with fans on a deeper level.

What do people typically say about your work?
I originally started sharing the images I was making on my social media feeds for the fun of it, but I started getting requests for prints from fans who felt really strongly about the photographs and the feelings they evoked.

How can people reach you?

You can find out more about my music and photography at

Instagram: @anthdamatomusic

Twitter: @anthdamatomusic

Facebook: @AnthonyD’AmatoMusic

Silvercup Sunset Art Print by Anthony D'Amato

Durango Steam Train & Hot Air Balloons Art Print by Anthony D'Amato

Bixby Creek Bridge - Big Sur Art Print by Anthony D'Amato

Highlands Stag Art Print by Anthony D'Amato

New Orleans Fog Art Print by Anthony D'Amato

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6