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Who are you and what do you do? Hi! I’m Denise Alicia, but everybody calls me Den. I’m a fashion and graphic designer. I’ve been working on branding and editorial projects for the past few years and lately I’m more focused on my work as an illustrator, textiles & surface design and work that I love and enjoy doing!

Current city: Buenos Aires, Argentina

How did you make these? I really enjoy trying new things like new techniques and new materials where I can paint or print my art. The fact that I’m a graphic designer and love art and the fashion industry makes me wanna mix these two worlds all the time, so I would describe my style as playful, big shapes, mix of classic graphic design and modern bold illustrations, a lot of human representation, flowers and vibrant colors.

Why did you make these? I get my inspiration from people in the streets, daily life, nature, books and quotes. To me art is the way I express myself to the world. I want to inspire people with my work—I want them to feel good and happy, trust their journey, take risks, learn new things everyday and work hard for whatever they want in life.

What do people typically say about your work? They love the way I use colors and patterns, saying they’re nice and cool. Also they get inspired and motivated by the quotes I add to some illustrations.

Social: @denaliciastudio

"Amor, I Don't Run"

"Den Alicia Studio"

"Be Brave"

"Abstract Floral"

"Magic Can"

"Random Print"


"Blind Neon"

Favs Print Shower Curtain



Be Brave Art Print



Jungle Print iPhone Case



Abstract Floral Wall Tapestry



Jessica McQueen