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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Swen Swensøn. I am an illustrator and artist based in Hamburg & Leipzig.

Clients: I work with different platforms and partners, such as Casper, Breather,  Mymuesli, New Heroes and Pioneers, and different interior designers, bars and restaurants all over the world.

How did you make these? I use different materials and techniques for my art, ranging from painting, such as acrylic on canvas or paper, to simply working on digital illustrations. It always depends on the inspiration I get. It is like some kind of symbiosis between the moment and the art itself.

Why did you make these? Humor is absolutely essential. Not all of my works are humorous, but quite a few are. I like to evoke positive feelings, because, well, there are already too many things in daily life that are negative and I would like my works to break up this negativity and invite people to unwind and enjoy the nice things in life.

My motifs work like that and convey a message to the spectator. But from time to time there are some images that do not show their narrative at first glance and only I know their original intention. I try to hide the message of an image and make it visible only at second glance. I like to show people that some images are not as easy to interpret or as plain as they seem at first sight. Some details only become visible when you look at them closely or let them have an impact on you and suddenly you see a new angle or discover a different view to it.

I want to make people think, to not take everything for granted. I would like to freeze a certain moment, and I want people to consciously perceive this very moment.  

What do people typically say about your work? People usually say a lot of good things about my work :). And I am always happy to get positive feedback. This sort of gives me a real boost. Most people like the playful easiness of my works, the way of telling a whole story with only little things, either humorous or harmonious.

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