Our new Floor Pillows are Pup-ular with dogs AND humans.


We teamed up with Wags & Walks, a local Los Angeles dog rescue, to volunteer a group of adoptable experts for a focus group. The evidence speaks for itself.


Since opening in 2011, Wags & Walks has rescued more than 2,400 local doggies – including more than 700 just last year. Every week, these dedicated folks visit high-kill shelters all over the LA area, to give needy pooches a second chance at finding a loving home.


It all started when we caught one of our office dogs snoozing on a Floor Pillow sample. After everybody finished Snapchatting the moment, we realized that these plush pillows might make PERFECT dog beds.

So we set out to PROVE it. Wags & Walks offered a team of four-legged product testers to help out, and we set a goal to get a few adopted by sharing them with the S6 community.

GOOD NEWS: Three of these four testers have been adopted! Lily is still available.

Here’s Bolo, a super-chill doggo with the coloring of crushed oreos.

What a little star.

Even puppers need space sometimes.

Ears set for liftoff.

Matching set!

Lula, a lil’ pit mix, is so cute she needs her own Instagram account. 

"Pizza and chill?"

Just trying to blend in.

Nobody can resist the puppy look. Nobody.

Who knew you could sit on cacti?

Check out Lily, a friendly Terrier. You can totally style her hair without product. 

Lily. On a bed or flowers.

Lily. On daisies.

"This pillow has a lot of plusses."

Last but not least, Buster!

Just a dog, on a LOT of cats.

Perfect size and shapes.

"Orange you glad to see me?"

Photos by Kate Rentz.

Shop the Wags & Walks Collection (All Designs Available in Square and Round)

Polynesian Frenchie Floor Pillow

by Huebucket


Linocut Stars Floor Pillow

by Tracie Andrews


Tropical Garden Floor Pillow

by Burcu Korkmazyurek


White Plus On Black Floor Pillow


by Pencil Me In


Vintage Floral Rose Round Pillow

by UtArt


Dalmatian Spot Round Floor Pillow

by CharlotteWinter


Pyly Pyrtryt Geometric Floor Pillow

by Spires


Daisy Pattern Round Floor Pillow

by CharlotteWinter


Banana Leaves Floor Pillow

by CatyArte


Pizza Pattern Round Floor Pillow

by Michael Todd Berland


Meadow Floor Pillow


by A. Vogler


Abstract Floral Floor Pillow

by Marinaklykva


A Lot of Cats Floor Pillow

by Kitten Rain


Meadow Floor Pillow

by A.Vogler


The Forbidden Orange Floor Pillow


by 83 Oranges


Space Age Floor Pillow

by Tracie Andrews


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content