When you sell an Art Print on Society6 you determine your Profit (how much you want to make), as well as the Retail Price (how much your customer will pay). The best selling members on Society6 know that their work must be both easy to buy AND easy to find.

Think about the customer’s point of view. You’ve already determined how much you would like to make (profit) from each piece, now it is important to think about what your Retail Price is saying…

Tips for making your products easier to buy:

1. On the Post page, when you set your pricing, please use a Retail Price that you’re accustomed to seeing when you make a purchase. For example, assigning a whole number for Your Profit of $5.00, will likely give you an odd Retail Price of $17.68. So always think about your Retail Price and shoot for a whole number. In the example above, the Retail Price of $17.68 would be far “easier to buy” at either $17.00, or even $18.00. You can always change your pricing by clicking “Edit” at the top of any post. Do not delete the post or you will have to upload your image again, and you will lose all previous Promotions you have received for this post.

2. Think about using the Pricing Filters in the Shop to your advantage. Price your Mini Art Prints at above $20, and they won’t show up under one of the most popular filters in our Shop!

Tips for making your products easier to find:

1. When you post your work for sale, just use the name of the work for the Title of your Post. You don’t need to add additional words like “… Art Print”, or “New Version…” or “by Artist’s Name”. Just use the Title of the work.

2. Carefully select the Categories that you would like for your work to appear under in the Shop. You must choose at least 1 Category (up to 4). Selecting Categories that don’t represent your artwork may result in removal from the Shop.

3. Only add a Description if it helps to tell the story. Adding a Description is a good way to share your inspiration for each piece, and let people in on your creative process.

Society6 Art School: we may not help you create better art, but we sure will help you sell more of it.