Mother’s Day is around the corner and customers are looking for unique and thoughtful gifts that show how much they care. 

Whether shopping for their own mother, a mother-in-law, a mother figure in their life, or themselves, customers come to Society6 looking for great gifts that are as unique as the person they’re shopping for. To help you make the most of the occasion, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to keep in mind as you promote your shop and products. 

Featured Art: “A Mother’s Love” by Maggie Stephenson 

Key Dates to Note:

April 20 – May 1: The Society6 Mother’s Day Sale
May 8: Mother’s Day

Reminder: Because everything on Society6 is printed on-demand after the customer places their order, shipping and production can take a little bit longer than some other retail sites. It is important to encourage your customers to shop early to ensure they receive their gifts in time for Mother’s Day.

Our Tips for Making the Most of Mother’s Day


1. Upload New Relevant Designs 

Now is a great time to upload new artwork designed with mom in mind. Consider phrases that work well for stationery cards or graphics to highlight what moms mean to the people in their lives. Moms come in all different forms, so be creative and don’t forget about the cat moms, dog moms and plant moms out there! New designs are also a great reason to connect with your customers and let them know to check out your shop. 

You can find more inspiration in our Mother’s Day Collection here and we’ve included a few of our favorites below. 


Cat Mom Art Print

by Alja Horvat

Cool Mom Coffee Mug

by Jessica Manelis

Families Belong Together Stationery Cards

by Alyssa M. Gonzalez

Stay Home No. 3 Tote Bag

by DomoINK

2. Focus on Promoting Great Gifts 

With so many great products available on Society6 there is always something for everyone! When thinking about which products to share with your followers via social media, email newsletters and on your blog or website, consider items that make great gifts. For Mother’s Day in particular the following products are a great place to start: 

Stationery cards and wrapping paper
Coffee mugs and travel mugs
Tote bags and carry-all pouches
Throw pillow and throw blankets
Wall art (always a favorite!)

3. Share Our Promos With Your Customers 

Driving traffic to your shop is one of the most important things you can do to improve your sales. The more people that land on your page, the more chances you have to convert them into customers. Promos are a great opportunity to connect with potential customers. Our Mother’s Day sale is 25% of site wide, so there’s something for everyone! 

Let your fans and followers know that you have great gifts for moms and now is the perfect time to purchase a unique gift from an independent artist. The more often you share the better! Consider promoting the sale on your Instagram stories everyday through May 1st. 

4. Utilize Our Promo Overlays or Create Your Own  

For every sale on Society6, we create a handy promo overlay that you can use to share about the sale. Consider adding the overlay to a lifestyle preview image from Society6 (you can save these by right clicking the image) or on top of one of your designs. You can do this by opening the image in photoshop and adding the overlay as a new layer.  Below we’ve included some great examples of our overlays in use! You can download the Mother’s Day overlay here

If you’d rather create your own promotional posts, you can take the details from the promo overlay and design a new post in your own style. For more info, check out our tips on How to Promote Yourself in your Own Style.

Download the Mother’s Day promo overlay.

Overlay example from @mkhalildesign

Overlay example from

5. Earn More With the Artist Affiliate Program

While putting the previous marketing tips into practice, make sure that any links you share to your Society6 shop are using your unique affiliate link! This allows you to make an additional 10% on the net sale of every item in a customers order, even if it isn’t from your shop.

Below we’ve outlined how to use your custom affiliate link:

If your shop link is The custom affiliate link is ?curator=username.  Here’s what the artist would share if they wanted to use their affiliate link:

Artist Shop Example:

Product Link Example:

Pro tips:

  • Add your affiliate link to your social media bio
  • Include your link in Instagram stories while doing self promotion
  • Update any blog or website links that you have leading to your Society6 shop


If you haven’t already joined our Artist Affiliate Program, you can learn more and sign up here (its quick and free!). Adding your affiliate link to your shop URL and to any product links you share is an easy way to earn more on sales your refer!

These tips were designed to help you make this most of this key shopping period. We hope they help as you plan out how to promote your shop this Mother’s Day!

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community