Spring has sprung.

And while that’s sure to mean botanical blossoming and the awakening of sleepy animals all along the outdoors, the themes of renewal, regrowth, and rejuvenation can apply to you, too. So de-clutter your home, get outside, start a new project, eat more healthily and heartily—after all, the earth is now offering it!—and make mindfulness and meditations a priority.

But before you start spring-cleaning both your space and yourself, here’s some art to help get you inspired.

mind garden by anneamanda

Grow by Laura O'Connor

Waking the tiger by BandaMinta

Resurrection by Camelia Pham

Let It Grow by The Optimist

Enlighten by Enkel Dika

Free by SIAN

growing up by Monika Kozak

El Renacer by Krysztof Zenyase Photography and Art

spring by Maria Dek

Deer Skull & Poppies by fishbucks

Awake by Madeline Matush

In Full Bloom On The Runway by JAMES THOMAS RYAN

Inward relationship by Camelia Pham

Danielle Cheesman

Sr. Content Editor