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Who are you and what do you do? I’m Kath Nash, a designer and illustrator.

Current city: Brooklyn, NY

Brands you’ve worked with: Google, Target, Harper Collins, Adidas, Apartment Therapy

How did you make these? All my work is made digitally using my computer and an iPad.

Why did you make these? For most of my career, I’ve created personal work on the side of a full-time design job. My personal work is what I do to have fun and experiment. Even though I love many aspects of my full-time and client work, it’s important for me to explore my own creative endeavors with total freedom. It keeps me loving what I do.

I tend to make personal work about plants, mental health, social and environmental justice, and empathy, just because those are things I really care about.

What do people typically say about your work? People comment a lot about my bright colors. I love color and love learning about the power color has in a piece. Sometimes I’ll finish a piece and play around with just the colors for a long time before I decide it’s finished.

Social: @kath.nash

"Plants Not Plans"

"Papaya Picnic"

"Woman on Vase"

"Lift Others Up"

"Monstera Leaf Line Drawing"

"I am Proud of Myself"


"Happy Daisies"

"Be Assertive"


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Plants Not Plans Poster

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