This week’s Six Pack features a selection of unique original work from Julian Fischer (London, United Kingdom), Louis Roskosch (Axminster, United Kingdom), Ekaterina Pudanova (Saint Petersburg, Russia), NARUKIYY (Osaka, Japan), loopool (Tokyo, Japan) and Cosmic Nuggets (Berlin, Germany).

Keep up the amazing work s6ers – as a growing community, we are continually inspired by your efforts and appreciate every single person on the ride with us. If you like the work below, click through and give a promote. If you really dig an artist, follow them and stay up on your My Society feed.

Feel free to add personal discoveries in the comments below!

The Rock Hopper by Julian Fischer

laika(purple) by Louis Roskosch

First love by Ekaterina Pudanova

Midnight highway by NARUKIYY

"Otoko tomodachi" by loopool

pink derp by Cosmic Nuggets

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6