Art is our life all year long—we write about it, hang it up and some of us even create it ourselves.

But no matter how each of us interacts with the art and artists of Society6, we can’t help but feel that it’s a pretty sweet gig to be surrounded by some of the world’s most creative humans and the magic they create. Here, our team gives a shout-out to their favorite artists and pieces of artwork from this past year—share yours below!

Maya Asher

Brand Marketing Coordinator

Fave Artist: Isabelle Feliu

“I love everything from her simple line drawings to her more intricate work. The colors and shapes alway play so well together.”

Fave Artwork: Mansion Pool by Helo Birdie

“I love the colors in this but also #mood.”


Ali Peugh

Senior Manager, Artist Community

Fave Artist: Maggie Stephenson

“I’m drawn to the natural shapes and colors (a lot of pink!) that Maggie uses in her work. She also has the cutest dog!”

Fave Artwork: It’s OK to Change Your Mind by Melody Hansen 

“Love a good reminder like this one.”


Jessica McQueen

Site Merchandiser

Fave Artist: Estée Preda

“It’s really exciting to see Estée Preda’s practice evolve—she experiments with different mediums without ever losing that perfect mix of eerie and cute.”

Fave Artwork: All Eyes on Me by liviafalcaru

“I can’t stop looking at this—the title is accurate! Eyes, flowers and portraits of women will always have a special place in my heart.”


Scott Fluhler

Brand & Content Strategist


Fave Artist: Frank Moth

“I always gravitate towards artists who can transport me to another world and/or tell an interesting story with their work—which, coincidentally is what the art duo, Frank Moth, do best.”

Fave Artwork: Crawfish Boil II by Showdeer

“This piece just tickled me. It reminds me of those cheesy old Godzilla movies where Godzilla is battling some absurd creature like a flying turtle. Only this time it’s a crawfish that apparently plays the guitar.”


Meghan Sawyer

Merchandising Manager

Fave Artist: Susan Sage

“Her paintings feel classic and modern at the same time, almost ambiguous to time and place. The painting style and colors feel like a time from long ago, but with scenes and people from todays world. Such a lovely contradiction that makes for beautiful art!”

Fave Artwork: Ramen by Sylvia Tack

“I’ve been really drawn to food-focused art lately. I love vibrancy in the colors and the joy I get from seeing the monkey slurp ramen. I can relate to the subject matter from my own life experiences.”


Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation


Fave Artist: Derrick Lin

“Derrick Lin really ticks a lot of boxes for me: creativity, innovation, professionalism, magnetic positivity and more if I had space to just go on and on.”

Fave Artwork: Feast of the Season by Derrick Lin

“I’m just drawn into everything about the inclusivity and positivity in this image which resonates with conversations I’ve had with the artist and getting to know his work over time. This scene “Feast of the Season” shows a warm and friendly gathering and is crafted in exacting and minute detail in small scale within a photo using practical lighting effects and without additional digital trickery. ”


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content

Fave Artist: Holly Warburton

“Holly’s use of color and texture are just masterful. I love how her subject matter ranges from the everyday to the out-there and her assaulting color palette of acid greens, turquoise and reds evokes my favorite pieces from Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec.”

Fave Artwork: Matisse by Sandrine Corbeil 

“I’ve seen a lot of references to Matisse in the last few years, but most focus on his abstract shapes or nude figures and ignore his overwhelming use of color and pattern. This piece by Sandrine Corbeil feels like a fresh take on the old French master and it gives me all the feels.”


Olivia Linville

Artist Relations & Development Associate

Fave Artist: Liz Climo

“Equal parts quirky and cute! Every one of her illustrations make me smile.”

Fave Artwork: Didn’t See You There by Aley Hanson

“Loving the flattened forms and use of color—the whole image is such a mood.”

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content