Spring is a joyous time filled with new growth and fresh perspectives.

Our artist community is all abuzz (like bees, get it?) with new ideas focused on the positivity of the season. Floral motifs, garden scenes, pastel accents and typography works are the order of the day. Check out this exciting array of images showcasing the spirit of spring.

A Second Spring Art Print by Amber Vittoria

Spring Fever II Art Print by Carlos ARL

keep on the sunny side, stripe Art Print by sunshinecanteen

Woman in hat - summer hide Art Print by anyeva

The Unexpected Art Print by Frank Moth

Peony and Ferns Art Print by Jessica Roux

SUCCULENT Art Print by Beth Hoeckel

Sunflower Watercolor – Yellow & Black Palette Art Print by Cat Coquillette

Lunar cycle Art Print by Maggie Stephenson

Changing Luck Art Print by LEOVY

Observe the Flowers Art Print by Aley Hanson

Trust your visions Art Print by Asja Boros

Red floral Jungle Garden Botanical by Lara Lee Meintjes

Colorful Jungle Art Print by Sun Lee

Daydreamer Art Print by Linz Sepe

He Makes All Things New Art Print by Sarah Eisenlohr

TGIF Art Print by Tyler Varsell

Inner Silence State of Mind Art Print by Nina Sinitskaya

Watermelon 2 Art Print by dianevilladsen

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6