The Society Six features a selection of new works that caught our eye from artists who recently joined the Society6 community. Come in, explore and find your new favorites.

1. ringorun

Japan | Society6 Shop

In the forest by ringorun

tano-tuna by ringorun

2. Juliana Malta

New York | Society6 Shop

Ferris Wheel Santa Monica by Juliana Malta

Rainbow Over Ocean by Juliana Malta

3. Pepacton Studio

Brooklyn, New York | Society6 Shop

Slow & Steady - Brake For Wildlife by Pepacton Studio

Trout Of The Catskills by Pepacton Studio

4. Tegan Isha

Australia | Society6 Shop

Pingala by Tegan Isha

Sun Goddess by Tegan Isha

5. Tracy

Nashville, TN | Society6 Shop

Scottish Highlands by Tracy

Scottish Highlands

6. Rebecca Elizabeth

Derbyshire, England | Society6 Shop

Three Lochs Drive - Scotland mountain trail in the forest by Rebecca Elizabeth

Ducks, Butterflies and Flowers pattern on a purple background by Rebecca Elizabeth

Misty Summers

Artist Community & Curation Manager