The Society Six features a selection of new works that caught our eye from artists who recently joined the Society6 community. Come in, explore and find your new favorites.

1. Tete Garcia

Sydney, Australia | Society6 Shop

Mee Haw! Fun Greeting Card

Joshua Tree Colourful and Bold Boulder Landscape

2. victoriasiecz

Vancouver, Canada | Society6 Shop

Love You Until


3. Madeline K Barry

Atlanta, GA | Society6 Shop

Honestly I'm Weary

Peace In Your Pain

4. Daria Solak Illustrations

United Kingdom | Society6 Shop


Dinos Art Print

5. subject13

New York City, NY | Society6 Shop



6. Katie Scarlett

Brooklyn, NY | Society6 Shop


Williamsburg Bridge

Misty Summers

Artist Community & Curation Manager