With Valentine’s Day just two weeks away, Society6 partnered up with dating app Hinge to celebrate all the moments of modern love.

We asked our artists to design their own Valentine’s Day cards dedicated to everything from “we matched” to “we’re getting married!” and, after receiving over 200 submissions—it was almost impossible to pick!—we’ve selected our winners!

Congratulations to Carly Jo Reeves, Chris Piascik, Fatima Khayyat, Julia Walck, LucyCads, Matthew Tyler Wilson, PHIRST, Sagepizza, Sara M. Lyons, Sascha Gray, showmemars, studiowillette, Tugboat Studio, Tyler Spangler, and WEAREYAWN!

Get ready to give these to your loved (and liked) ones!

"You Are My Favorite Weighted Blanket (Pink)" by Tugboat Studio

"Toothbrush Love" by Chris Piascik

"SWEATY PALMS" by Sagepizza

"If You Had A Period, I'd Totally Buy You Tampons, Too" by Tyler Spangler

"takeout & makeout" by Matthew Taylor Wilson

"Light My Fire" by Julia Walck

"Hang Out Forever" by WEAREYAWN

"Fyre Festival Valentine's Day Card" by studiowillette

"the valentine's card for the person you're not sure you should get a valentine's card for" by Sascha Gray

"I am yours no refunds - typography" by showmemars

"Is It Weird that I got you a Valentine's Card?" by Carly Jo Reeves

"Retro love" by PHIRST

"I'd Rather Stay Home & Do Nothing With You" by Sara M. Lyons

"Big Wife Energy" by Fatima Khayyat

"Double Texting Valentine's Day Card" by studiowillette

"True Love" by LucyCads

Danielle Cheesman

Sr. Content Editor