Throws and blankets—they’re both bundles of cloth that float between the couch and bed (and sometimes make their way into the kitchen on particularly chilly mornings when a robe just won’t cut it). Right?

Well, not exactly.

While both are part of the blanket family, they do have their differences. In essence, throws are designed to add a little something-something to your living space’s decor, emphasizing aesthetic value over comfort. On the other hand, traditional blankets (which can also look perfectly nice) prioritize keeping you warm.

Let’s snuggle into the differences between throws and blankets and how they can each make your house a cozy and stylish home.

What is a Throw Blanket?

A throw, or throw blanket, is like the classy cousin of the regular blanket family. Compared to a typical blanket, a throw is generally:

  • Smaller – Average throw blanket size measures around 50” x 60.” This is because throws are designed to be draped over a couch, chair, or bed as a statement piece that can double as a cozy companion.
  • More stylish – Throws come in various materials, such as wool and cotton, and can feature a variety of designs and patterns. You can easily decorate a living room by adding throw blankets with interesting textures, bold or contrasting colors, and a pop of personality.

So, whether you’re amping up the ambiance or curling up to cuddle, a throw can offer both style and a subtle layer of comfort.

What is a Blanket?

Ah, the blanket: an indispensable ally that most of us are introduced to as babies in the form of a lovey (typically, a 12’’x 12’’ piece of cloth). While the standard blanket may not have the pizzazz of a throw, its larger standard size and extra fabric will surely warm you up quickly and leave you feeling like you’re wrapped in a cloud.

Blankets are larger than throws, usually embodying a standard blanket size or comforter size of 65” x 90” or bigger. They’re designed for practicality and extra warmth, making them perfect for nestling in bed or insulating yourself against the bite of winter.

Blankets also come in a range of materials, including:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Fleece
  • Polyester
  • Synthetic blends

The best choice of material will depend on your desired level of cushiness, softness, and durability. And while blankets prioritize function over fashion, they can still be stylish, decorative blankets featuring various colors and patterns.

Key Differences Between Throws and Blankets

Throws are one of many popular variations to evolve from the blanket, but what really sets these two apart? Let’s demystify the key differences between throws and blankets with more snuggle-worthy wisdom.

Size and Purpose

The most notable difference between throws and blankets is their size. Throws are smaller and meant for decorative purposes and light warmth, while blanket dimensions are larger and intended to be the perfect size for all-out cocoon mode during sleep or downtime. The right size really is unique to you and your desired use. If you are looking for extra warmth in a king-sized bed, a blanket is your best option. However, if you’re looking to add a splash style to the twin bed in your guest room, a small throw would be ideal.

Material and Texture

Throws often come in luxurious materials like faux fur, cashmere, or chenille, giving them a more high-end feel. Blankets, on the other hand, are commonly made from cotton, fleece, or wool, making them perfect for providing comfort and warmth.

In terms of texture, blankets are typically softer, while throws may have a more tactile texture and thinner weave.

Style and Versatility

As stated earlier, throws are the fashionistas of the cozy club. They come in various colors, patterns, and textures, giving them the edge in adding a touch of flair to your space.

Blankets, while certainly not devoid of style, opt for function and tend to have more subtle designs.

Throw vs. Blanket: Which is Right for You?

throw vs blanket

Make the right call between a throw blanket vs. a traditional blanket by taking these factors into consideration:

  • Purpose – If you’re looking for something to elevate your space’s style and provide a bit of warmth on occasion, a throw is your go-to. But if you need full-body coverage and maxed-out coziness, the blanket is the champ.
  • Space – Throws are great for smaller spaces or for draping over furniture, while blankets are ideal for stretching over beds and larger seating areas. For example, you might want to style a small throw blanket on a couch and use a traditional blanket as an extra layer on your bed.
  • Material – If you love the feel of top-quality fabrics, a throw might be the perfect choice. For those who prefer practical and warm materials, a blanket is the better fit.
  • Budget – Throws can be a bit pricier due to their high-end materials and designs. If you’re on a tight budget, a blanket is likely the better option.

Wrap it Up With Society6

When it comes to your home decor, fashion and function can both rule the roost. And, now that the dust has settled on our throw vs. blanket debate, you can easily choose the right throw blanket for you based on your needs, space, preferences, and budget.

Luckily, Society6 has a vast selection of unique and stylish throws and blankets, so you can find the ideal enhancer for any space in your home. Cozy up to our collection today.


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