Stylist and actress Ana Alic put together some tips for us on how to gather your friends and tap into the positive energy of the new moon.

All you moon babes and dudes who are down with weekly astrology readings, crystals and phases of the moon, we’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to host your very own moon party. Get ready to get down with your witchy self and create more abundance in your life asap!

A new moon party is a gathering of your friends to exchange crystals, write down your intentions and harness the power of the moon to bring all the good vibes into your life. The new moon symbolizes a fresh start—it’s the beginning of the cycle of waxing and waning and is a beautiful time to hold ritual and create sacred space.

1. Prepare the space

Decorating your space for an event really sets the tone, and it’s so much fun! For a moon event, I usually stock up on pillows, candles, crystals, flowers and sage. I light the candles, set up bouquets of flowers and sage the area before anyone arrives. When your friends walk in they will be automatically transported to a sacred space. I also love to dress for the occasion—it’s really fun to have everyone dress up to match the vibe as it will bring everyone into the mood and you can really live out your practical magic dreams!

2. Introductions

I start off each new moon gathering by talking about what the specific new moon represents that month. It allows us to set an intention for the evening, and really starts the party by getting everyone into the zone. At this point  you should definitely have had some snacks and wine to make people feel comfortable and welcome (pizza and sparkling rose are fool-proof!).

3. Crystals

One of the most anticipated parts of a moon-themed party is receiving a personal crystal. As the host, make sure to buy a different crystal for each guest and research the meaning. I place the crystals in a bowl and everyone gets to choose a crystal that calls to them. After they have chosen, I read the meaning and most of the time they pick the crystal that will give them the energy they really need for that specific month!

4. Tarot Readings and Intention setting

I love incorporating things like tarot cards or crystal oracle cards. It’s a fun way to get insight into your life and set some intentions for the month! I also love to get my friends to write down a list of things that aren’t serving them. We usually burn the pieces of paper and watch those bad mojo vibes turn to dust, making way for positive high vibes to step in.

5. Moon Spells

Everything at a moon party should be positive and only for our own personal growth—it’s really important to keep the space positive. The moon spells work in the same way, we only create intentions for good inspired by our highest purpose. I see it as a little call to the universe saying you are ready and really believe that the things you’re meant for will come into your life. I use the moon spell book from Diane Ahlquist, it really has everything you need and will give you step-by-step instructions.

6. Guided Meditation

This is everyone’s favourite time of the night! Each time I source a new guided meditation—I usually find great ones from the ladies on the Psychic Teachers podcast. We all sit in a circle on a blanket and I get the group to close their eyes and then I start the meditation. It’s a perfect way to end the night and really gets everyone in the zone and fully submerged into the ritual.

There are so many ways you can celebrate the new moon and even the full moon! It’s really a great way to bring a group together and have a really positive and soulful evening that takes you out of the daily routine and grounds you in beautiful ritual.  

Styling and set design: Ana Alic
Photography: Kelsey Davis
Makeup: Alison Sharp

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