Society6 Art Director and artist Jessica Parker put together this list of the top three things she thinks are about to be huge. Follow these tips and make them your own to get ahead of the game this winter season.


Simple Portraits

Pared-down portraits seem to be gaining in popularity right now, especially those of fashionable women. Instead of taking a detailed approach to faces or clothing, we’re seeing a lot of minimalist illustrations with bold shapes and line-work that creates a larger picture. Ladies are always trending, but this is a fun, less-direct way to feature them in your work.

Spooky Season Art Print

by Hannah Diamond


Blue Beret Art Print

by Megan Galante


Femme Fatale Art Print

by Grace


Walking Again Art Print

by elanae45


Organic Geometry

Geometric shapes will always be popular, especially when it comes to home decor products. However, lately I’ve been loving the more “organic” approach to geometry that’s been all over the site. Instead of stark lines, hard edges and a bold graphic look—shapes have been looking less perfect. Try something new this fall and  approach your abstract compositions with this soft hand.

Mikado Art Print

by Tracie Andrews


Inverse Art Print

by Fernando Vieira


Reshape Art Print

by Almost Makes Perfect


Mid Century Modern



Muted Palettes

Spring was all about bright, bold gem tones, but we’re seeing the rise in popularity of toned-down colors for autumn. Basically take the dimmer switch to all of your favorite hues and you’ve got it! We’re also loving unexpected color combos such as lavender and brown or maroon and mustard. Get some inspiration from the cozier colors this month and you’ll be right on the money.

I Don't Know What to Do With My Hands Art Print

by DoubleBunk


Down Art Print

by Mina Wright


Lavender Ice Cream Art Print

by No Accounting For Taste


An Abstract Cacti Dress Art Print

by Isabelle Feliu


Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content